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Intel Has Lost More Than $7 Billion On Mobile Area In Past 2 Years

Intel Haswell-EX processor Revealed: 18-core 36 thread, the maximum 165W TDP

Intel in the server market in the past has released Haswell -E / EP processor architecture, the final goal is the Xeon E7 series...
Samsung To Be Main Chip Supplier For iPhone 6S

Samsung To Be Main Chip Supplier For iPhone 6S

Apple has favored its largest opponent Samsung to generate the mobile processors which will be accustomed to command the coming iPhone 6s, reported to be discharged...
Sony Ps4

Rumor: Samsung 8Gb GDDR5 chips to be used in Sony PS4 Slim

Sony had previously launched the PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim. Now there may be a PS4 Slim of it according to several reports. Samsung has announced...
Nvidia Maxwell Professional Cards will support Unified Virtual Memory

Why Maxwell didn’t get UVM

Ever wondered why one of the most awaited features of the newly dawned NVIDIA’s Maxwell was deprived from it? Well, this question did baffle...
Asus ROG Maximus VII Ranger

Preview: Asus Maximus VII Ranger: Most budget friendly ROG

After the huge rocking success of the Maximus VI Hero, Asus has continued to upgrade and equip the Hero with the new Z97 express...

Future of AMD’s Graphic Card Guess the Next Generation

AMD's current series GPU family is a volcanic island, last week broke the next generation of the pirate island R9 300 series, which has...
Nvidia Volta GPU

Nvidia new architecture Pascal will last longer

The euphoria about the new technologies of video that appeared on plates GDC left everyone a little confused, a few months we talked Maxwell...
A revolutionary new NVIDIA GPU architecture Pascal

A revolutionary new NVIDIA GPU architecture Pascal

GeForce GTX Titan Z is the culmination of the work of Kepler architecture, Maxwell architecture is about to enter the Tegra line of mobile products,...
Asus J1800I-C : Heatsink

Asus reveals embedded Intel board sporting gold bling

Just after the reveal of two Mini-ITX boards from Gigabyte which supported the upcoming embedded “Kabini” APUs, Asus unveils a Mini-ITX board with embedded...
Intel SSD 730 series

Review : Intel’s SSD 730 series, pure Intel, inside out

After a long break, Intel launches a SSD sporting their own NAND controller instead of a third party one from SandForce Intel dubs an upcoming...
AMD FX-670K First Exposure

News for Kabini APUs: Gigabyte launches supported motherboards

The next APU architecture from AMD, Kabini, won’t debut with motherboard chipsets, rather be soldered on them. Next “K” APU is Kabini Kabini APUs, which would...




Xbox Series X

Seagate Launches 2TB and 512GB Expansion Cards for Xbox Series Consoles

Seagate, in collaboration with Microsoft announced the launch of new Expansion Cards for the Xbox Series X and S. In addition to the existing...