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How To Use OpenAI Sora: Everything You Need To Know

This guide explains how to use OpenAI Sora, its availability and limitations when compared with similar text-to-video models.

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After ChatGPT, OpenAI introduced a text-to-video platform, Sora, that produces high-definition videos based on user text prompts. The developers aim to train AI to understand the physical world and its everyday objects to create imaginative scenes that are closely accurate to the real world.

Currently, Sora can generate minute-long videos in line with the user prompt while keeping the quality intact. It can imagine visual landscapes, city life, nature, and whatnot. However, the model might struggle to capture accuracy regarding human interaction and movements, especially when the prompt involves more than one character. 

Key Takeaways
  • Sora is a text-to-video AI model, developed by OpenAI that can generate videos lasting up to a minute based on user prompts.
  • It is still in the testing phase and unavailable for public use.
  • The user will enter a detailed text prompt describing the scene for Sora to generate a video.
  • Sora has its limitations, like displaying inaccurate human motion when multiple characters are involved, objects appearing out of nowhere, inaccurate physical modeling, and more.

WARNING: Sora might not always produce accurate details. Hence, always double-check the output in great depth, especially the minute details. 

Is It Available To The Public?

As of February 2024, Sora is not rolled out publicly; only a limited set of people has access. This includes;

  • Red Teamers: Security experts who will critically judge the AI model and assess its risks and chances of misuse. If found, they will be forwarded to the developers so it can be addressed timely before Sora is available for public use.
  • Testing Team: These are select individuals, such as graphic designers, visual artists, video editors, and filmmakers. They will judge the model’s accuracy and how precisely it produces what the user wants. Developers will use any modifications and feedback from the experts to improve the tool.

How To Use OpenAI Sora?

Sora works on principles similar to those of its fellow AI model, ChatGPT. You will enter a text prompt in the search bar, adding as much detail as possible about the scene you have in mind, for example, the setting, background, colors, character details, and more. 

The AI model will do its best to understand the prompt and generate the closest representation of the details, though it might take some time before you receive the output. For example, here is a video posted on X where the user prompts Sora to generate a video of an ant exploring the inside of a nest.

The model outperformed itself by creating an accurate visual representation of a scene, as seen in the video.

Moreover, you can get a further idea of the clarity and detail in this snippet where the prompt asked for “A movie trailer featuring the adventures of the 30-year-old spaceman wearing a red wool knitted motorcycle helmet, blue sky, salt desert, cinematic style, shot on 35mm film, vivid colors.” The focus on wool knitting and how colors blend in the background prove how precisely it meets the user’s requirements.

Sora Image
Snippet From A Video Generated By Sora (Image By OpenAI Sora)
Note: Since Sora is still in the testing phases and not ready for public use yet, there is a chance of the developers changing some aspects of its working model, but majorly it will be along the same lines as ChatGPT

Pros And Cons Of OpenAI Sora

✅ Produces high-quality videos❌ Videos cannot exceed a minute
✅ Visualizes creative inspiration and scenes❌ May inaccurately display human interactions
✅ Aids graphic designers, filmmakers❌ Objects may appear out of nowhere
✅ Videos are super realistic❌ Can fail to structure physical objects
✅ Can save time and resources in filmmaking❌ Might generate impossible motion

Comparison With Similar AI Models

FeaturesOpenAI SoraCanva AIPicsArt AI
Realistic VisualsYesYesNo
Maximum DurationOne minuteFew secondsFew seconds

Wrap Up

Once launched, Sora will redefine the world of filmmaking and video production. There has been a growing fear among visual artists, as seen in the OpenAI Community, that with time, it will be able to generate precise animations, which might eliminate the need for human creativity, consequently disrupting the particular job market.

While some are concerned about its threats, others have been fascinated by Sora’s video output and attention to detail. 

All in all, we are waiting to test OpenAI Sora with different prompts of our own. Unfortunately, the company has not announced an official release date. There is no waiting list for early access per the comment of a community leader in the OpenAI Community. Therefore, it will take a few months to get our hands on this game-changing AI tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OpenAI Sora Ready For Use?

The model is currently being tested and will be rolled out soon for the public.

Can I Get Early Access To Sora?

There are no opportunities to get early access to OpenAI Sora, and only selected individuals can use it as of now.

Will Sora Be Free Or Paid?

These details have not been confirmed by OpenAI.

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