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How To Get 10-Digit Code For Xbox App?

Learn how to get the code along with what to do if it doesn't work.

Getting the 10-digit code for the Xbox app sounds simple but can be confusing for some people. However, the process is pretty straightforward and won’t take a lot of your time. 

Key Takeaways

  • You first have to create your PIN/codeOnce created, the code can be entered on the Xbox app to connect to your console. 
  • The Xbox app can sometimes misbehave and cannot connect to your Xbox. 
  • Possible reasons for this behavior might be because of poor internet connection or un-updated apps. 

Xbox App: Platforms And Features

Before moving on to how to get the 10-digit code for the Xbox app, let us see on which devices you can use this app and what features it offers: 

  1. Xbox app is a free application that’s downloadable on Android, IOS, and PC.
  2. It allows the users to access some of the features of their Xbox, like interacting with their Xbox community friends, watching recorded clips, or purchasing games on the Xbox through their phone or PC.
  3. Users can also utilize the app as a controller for their Xbox.
  4. It is also possible to use your phone or PC as a second screen for split-screen games and apps on the Xbox with the help of the Xbox app. 

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Where Can You Get The 10-Digit Code For The Xbox App? 

To set up your Xbox with your phone or PC via the Xbox app, you need to enter a 10-digit code on the Xbox app. It’s a simple process, but getting the code can confuse some people as you have to create the code on your console manually. After that, you can use that code to connect your Xbox to your phone or PC. 

 Important: Make sure to use a wired internet connection instead of WiFi, as it is more stable and faster. 

Follow the steps to get the 10-digit code and setup the Xbox app: 

  1. Go to your Xbox settings.
  2. Under settings, go to “Accounts” and then “Sign-in, Security, and PIN”.

    Account Settings
    Account Settings – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  3. There, you will see an option to create a Passkey; select it.

    Sign, Security, & and Passkey
    Sign, Security, & and Passkey – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  4. Enter the 10-digit code you want to set.
  5. Re-enter it if asked for confirmation. 
  6. Next, go to the Xbox app. Your app should be the latest version. 
  7. Make sure that both your device and console are connected to the internet. 
  8. Then, on the Xbox app, select the sign-in option. 
  9. The app will then ask for a 10-digit code. You will have to provide the same code that you created for your Xbox. 
  10. Enter the code and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the Xbox app. 

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What To Do If The 10-Digit Code Is Not Working? 

It is possible that even after getting the code, you still may not be able to sign in to your Xbox app and connect it to your console. In such cases, refer to the section below.  

Poor Connection

Despite being connected to the internet, if your Xbox app still doesn’t work, there can be some issues with your internet connection. A slow internet connection can increase loading times and sometimes disallows the app to connect to the Xbox.

It is also possible that your internet connection is fine, but the device on which you are using the Xbox app is facing problems connecting to the internet. 

In this scenario, the first thing you should do is test your internet connection on multiple devices to see if it’s working properly. If your internet is slow or if there are disconnecting issues with it, restart your router.

If the problem continues, contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance. If the internet is only malfunctioning on the device you use the Xbox app on, restart it to see if it works.

WARNING: In case you are constantly facing issues with your internet connection, contact your Internet Service Provider immediately and inform them about the issue.

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Older Firmware Or App Version

Another reason the Xbox app isn’t working is the un-updated console or app. If you have installed the Xbox app via an APK file from Google or from somewhere else, you might have downloaded an older version of the app. And if you haven’t used the app in a long time, this might also have left the app un-updated. 

An updated console and an updated Xbox app are probably what you need to make the Xbox app start working. You can update the app from the Play Store. As for the console, you can check the latest firmware by following this path: Settings > Updates and Download > Update Console. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the 10-digit code for the Xbox app?

You can find the code by following the path: Settings > Accounts > Sign in, Security & PiN.

How to fix the Xbox app not working?

Check your internet connection and update your console and the app.

Do I need an internet connection to connect my Xbox to the Xbox app?

Yes, the Xbox app doesn’t work without an internet connection.

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