GTA 6 Hacker Threatens To Continue Cyber Crimes Upon Jail Release

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Story Highlights
  • Arion Kurtaj, the famous GTA 6 leaker, plans to continue cybercrime after release.
  • He was part of Lapsus$ hacking crew and caused $9.3 million in damages.
  • Following his revelations, the hacker is now under a 12-week hospital order due to mental illness.

18-year-old cybercriminal Arion Kurtaj, infamous for leaking GTA 6 footage in 2022, has expressed his intention to continue engaging in illegal activities upon release from jail.

Kurtaj, part of the cyber-crime crew, Lapsus$, orchestrated major hacks on big names like Nvidia, Uber, and Rockstar Games, causing $9.3 million in damages.

Why it matters: GTA 6 has already been leaked multiple times after the infamous 2022 leak. Therefore, this threat is concerning for the future of this anticipated title.


Kurtaj hit a cyber milestone with the GTA 6 leak, offering an unprecedented peek into the game. The leaked information spilled the beans on crucial details like the game’s setting, the addition of two main characters, and more.

The story didn’t end there. Kurtaj also attempted to blackmail Rockstar Games by threatening to leak the GTA 6 source code. Kurtaj was put behind bars in September 2022, putting a stop to his criminal exploits.

In a recent court session, Dr. Claudia Camden-Smith, a psychiatrist, revealed that Kurtaj had plans to get back into crime after his release. The hacker appeared in court via video link and declared his plan to carry on with cybercrime activities once released.

This hacker’s threat couldn’t have come at a worse time for Rockstar Games, currently under threat from the “Florida Joker” accusing them of identity theft.


Prosecutor Kevin Barry stressed the seriousness of the GTA 6 leaks, pointing out how confidential information was stolen and there were subsequent attempts at extortion.

Following the disclosures, the GTA 6 hacker is now under a 12-week hospital order, with mental illness considered a contributing factor. The legal proceedings highlight the challenge of balancing justice with mental health considerations in cybercrime cases.

The lasting impact of Arion Kurtaj’s actions is uncertain. However, his stated plan to keep up criminal activities raises significant worries about more GTA 6 leaks in the future.

This highlights the need for strong cybersecurity measures and heightened awareness in the digital age. Despite the leaks and other shenanigans, the GTA 6 trailer broke many social media records.

It reached more than 100 million views in less than 24 hours. Players were quick to analyze and found many interesting details from the trailer.

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