Hideo Kojima’s Overdose Was Most Discussed Game At TGA 2023

Kojima Partnered With Xbox For Overdose!

Story Highlights
  • Hideo Kojima was expected to show a trailer for Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards.
  • Surprisingly, he debuted a new look at OD(Overdose).
  • Even though there wasn’t much to this trailer, OD managed to top the press coverage, leaving reveals like Blade behind.

Hideo Kojima, after completing the Metal Gear series, moved on to the Death Stranding IP. Following a successful launch four years ago, the developer is working on Death Stranding 2 and OD, with the latter being announced at last year’s Xbox Showcase.

Death Stranding 2 was also revealed in 2022 with a trailer showing the return of Norman Reedus as Sam. While many had expected this game to return at The Game Awards this year, Hideo Kojima shocked everyone.

Kojima dropped the first look at OD (Overdose) at Tha Game Awards, which topped the pressing coverage of all games, according to analysts.

Why it matters: The Game Awards had major reveals like Dragon Ball Sparking Zero and more, but the intriguing nature of Kojima Productions’ new project helped it stand out.

Overdose The Game Awards
Overdose Game Awards Analysis

FanCensus has run an analysis through all games revealed during The Game Awards. OD came out on top, with God of War Ragnarok DLC and Blade being second and third, respectively.

This analysis rated the games based on press coverage. The results are a bit surprising since Hideo Kojima’s OD trailer was hard to understand, though this may have motivated the press to explain the game, leading to more coverage.

Since IPs like Blade and God of War are already established and recognized, this result proves that Hideo Kojima’s strategy of confusing reveals has worked and engaged audiences.

If you were one of the millions of viewers confused about the trailer, there is little need to worry. This is a classic Hideo Kojima reveal, which leaves viewers confused and shocked.

There are probably a few hints in this trailer, but deciphering them is a different story. Anyhow, OD or Overdose is a completely different project from Hideo Kojima’s past work.

YouTube video


It leverages cloud-based technology from Microsoft to achieve the goal of creating a new medium of entertainment. The developer previously claimed that this project has been a long time coming, and Microsoft’s technology will finally allow it to be realized.

Previously, a video for the game was also leaked online, which seemed to show early footage. However, Death Stranding 2 is likely to be Kojima Productions’ biggest focus for now, with Overdose expected to arrive toward the end of this generation.

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