The Original Doom Revolutionized FPS Genre 30 Years Ago

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It's Already Been Three Decades!

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  • ID Software released their first ever Doom title 30 years ago today.
  • It pioneered 3D graphics in-game with ID software’s proprietary engine.
  • The game also made the FPS genre popular among gamers.

It has officially been 30 years since the Doom franchise made its debut. This IP opened to an excellent reception from the fans as it was groundbreaking in more than a few ways.

It launched on DOS-based computer systems and was later ported to many other platforms. 

Why it matters: Before Doom, almost every game took a very generic approach to graphics with 2D-based systems. The franchise was an early example of 3D systems standing out from the rest.

The Original Doom Was Revolutionary

One of the main things that made Doom stand out from the era’s games was the 3D graphics.

It pioneered the 3D designs that became the basis of today’s major AAA titles. However, the characters and other objects at that time were still rendered in 2D graphics, unlike 3D titles.

Older games like Wolfenstein were very flat. All they had were vertical walls and passageways. Doom changed that, with ID software’s 3D engine allowing the placement of walls at any angle, providing much more depth to the game.

Apart from the graphics, Doom redefined the FPS genre. It was one of the earliest, if not the first, games to introduce multiplayer modes, including co-op and deathmatch. Three decades later, these modes are still an essential part of multiplayer games. 

Doom also introduced us to the protagonist, who at the time was named the ‘Doomguy‘ but was later renamed ‘Doom Slayer’ as we know him today. Because of its influence today, this franchise is often considered among the founders of the FPS genre.

Capitalizing on the game’s success, ID software made it a full-blown franchise that went on to sell millions of copies across the board. The franchise also went through a reboot with 2016’s Doom, which became another hit seven years ago.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is the latest of the bunch and came out in 2020. Even three years later, it’s still a benchmark for fast-paced FPS titles. The incredible combat, combined with the satisfying gory animations, still holds up against today’s AAA titles.

Despite Doom Eternal looking great, ID software has been working on the ID Tech 8 engine. This will help the studio push for even better visuals and optimization, bringing the next game to life on new hardware.

After three decades, Doom remains a massive part of FPS games. Without it, franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield may not have existed, so it is important to reflect on its legacy and influence throughout the years.

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