GTA 6 Allegedly Leaked Again Days Before Official Trailer

Supposedly Leaked By Developer's Son!

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  • Recently, Rockstar announced that it will release the official trailer of GTA 6 on 5 December.
  • However, it seems more in-progress footage of the game has been leaked ahead of this date.
  • The leaker claims to be related to Aaron Garbut, the co-studio head of Rockstar North.

GTA 6 is arguably the most anticipated game in the modern gaming industry. The game has years of hype behind it, which is now completely off the charts after Rockstar’s recent announcements.

Rockstar Games has promised fans a GTA 6 trailer on 5 December. This announcement not only led to a massive spike in Take-Two Stock prices but also gained 1 million likes to become the biggest gaming Tweet on social media.

However, with just days left before the official reveal, it seems this title has been leaked online.

Why it matters: Many gameplay videos of GTA 6 were leaked in 2022 all of a sudden. If the latest leak is genuine, this would be the second leak for Rockstar Games.

This leak seemingly comes from the son of Aaron Garburt, who works at Rockstar Games. Aaron Garburt’s son posted the leak on his TikTok account, which has since been circulated all over Twitter and other platforms.

The leak appears to show a brief overview of Vice City. This footage is extremely blurry, making it difficult to spot proper details, but eagle-eyed social media users have picked up on a few locations.

The video allegedly shows a few new sports car variants and a skate park. However, this information is still unverified for now.


We think this is not a great move from the boy. If the leak is genuine, Rockstar Games is likely to take strict action since the studio has been excited about the first official look at GTA 6.

Following the leak, the video is no longer available on Tiktok. Still, more information should show up soon.

Despite the excitement, we advise fans to stay away from any current and future leaks. GTA 6 will be officially revealed soon enough, so there is little reason to look at early footage when the official trailer is so close.

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