GTA 6 Trailer Date Becomes Fastest Gaming Tweet To 1 Million Likes

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1 Million Likes in Just 3.5 Hours!

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  • Rockstar Games announced the release date for the first trailer of GTA 6, set for 5 December.
  • This tweet reached 1 million likes in a record-breaking 3.5 hours, becoming the fastest gaming tweet to hit this milestone.
  • The tweet also gained 56 million views.

GTA 6 continues to generate massive hype on the internet, breaking social media records.

Rockstar Games just raised the bar for social media records with the release date for the first trailer for its massive release. The trailer will officially hit the internet on 5 December.

Rockstar’s latest tweet hit 1 million likes in just 3.5 hours, making it the fastest gaming tweet ever to reach this milestone.

Why it matters: The tweet not only became the most liked but also hit this milestone within just a few hours, showcasing that the popularity of Grand Theft Auto remains unrivaled. 

Not too long ago, Rockstar set a record with the game’s announcement, achieving 1 million likes in 5 hours. However, the latest tweet has left November’s announcement in the dust.

56 million people have viewed the tweet at the time of reporting. Rockstar’s tweet needs more than 183 million views to beat its own record of most-viewed gaming tweet.

The excitement for GTA 6 highlights the lasting impact of the Grand Theft Auto series on its dedicated fan base. We can’t even begin to imagine the buzz for the actual trailer, considering the hype generated by a simple tweet revealing the date.

In the past decade, the anticipation for a new Grand Theft Auto game has grown steadily, fueled by the success of GTA 5 and Rockstar Games’ release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018.

Following the initial announcement for GTA 6 on Twitter, Rockstar Games’ parent company also saw various benefits, with its stock prices rising by a massive 48.68%.

GTA 6 Rockstar Games

The absence of official news on GTA 6 since the launch of GTA 5 in 2013 only intensified the suspense. This game is expected to be a step ahead of the competition in nearly every way, delivering a revolutionary open-world experience.

Rockstar Games now holds the top four spots for the most-liked gaming tweets of all time, a decade after GTA 5’s debut. Soon enough, the studio will receive another addition to its legacy, with the actual trailer having the potential to become Twitter’s biggest post to date.

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