Rockstar’s GTA 6 Statement Became Most Liked Gaming Tweet In Just 5 Hrs

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Over 1 Million Likes In Just 5 Hours!

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  • Rockstar has finally announced that GTA 6 will be revealed with a trailer in December.
  • This announcement has caused waves of excitement for millions of gamers.
  • The tweet became the most-liked gaming post on Twitter within 5 hours, accumulating over 1 million likes.

GTA 6 appeared to be a myth after countless theories and leaks failed to reveal concrete details about this game over the years. However, earlier today, reliable reports claimed that the game would finally be announced this week.

Sure enough, hours later, Rockstar dropped a massive bomb on the gaming industry, confirming a GTA 6 trailer for early December. As expected, this announcement exploded in popularity, growing exponentially within hours.

Five hours later, the social media post has taken the crown as the most-liked Tweet related to gaming.

Why it matters: This is just a subtle glimpse at the excitement for GTA 6. The tweet showcases that the eventual trailer will be much bigger, leading to millions of likes like this tweet.

At the time of writing, the tweet has already gathered over 1.1 million likes. This puts it ahead of every gaming tweet on the platform. Interestingly, the second most popular tweet is also related to GTA 6.

Last year, the developer was hacked, and in-progress footage of the game leaked on the internet. Following this leak, Rockstar issued a statement, which gathered 1 million likes.

Nonetheless, the new announcement has triumphed over the developer’s previous tweet. As for other popular gaming tweets, Rockstar’s first confirmation about the development of GTA 6 in early 2022 gathered over 560K likes.

PlayStation’s decision to delay the PS5 event in 2020 also turned quite a few heads, accumulating over 500K likes.

Ultimately, these examples demonstrate the influence of Rockstar and its IPs.

Unlike other studios, the developer does not need to make an announcement at major events. The smallest hint from Rockstar is more or less guaranteed to explode, attracting millions of viewers.

For this reason, we believe GTA 6 will not be revealed at any gaming event. While many are keeping an eye out for its appearance at The Game Awards next month, the studio commands such attention that everything sharing the stage with a Grand Theft Auto announcement is likely to be overshadowed.

Nonetheless, as we approach the conclusion of 2023, the gaming industry is in an exciting position. With plenty of games released over the last few months, a GTA 6 reveal is icing on the cake, which will cement 2023 as one of the greatest years for the industry.

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