GTA 5 Was Shown For The First Time 12 Years Ago

This Trailer Blew Our Mind In 2011!

Story Highlights
  • GTA 5 Was First Showcased In 2011
  • This Trailer Has Reached Over 90 Million Views
  • Fans Are Hoping To See A Similar Reveal For GTA 6 Soon

GTA 5 is perhaps the most important game in the history of Rockstar. While the developer was no stranger to success, this entry redefined open-world games and pivoted the studio toward a live service approach for GTA Online, which is still going strong ten years later.

One thing that separated this entry from modern Rockstar releases was the fact that it was revealed well in advance of its 2013 release. GTA 6 is expected to arrive within the next two years, but an official announcement is nowhere to be seen despite the desperation from fans.

Unlike its approach today, Rockstar revealed the first look at GTA 5 in November 2011, exactly 12 years ago.

Why it matters: GTA 5 has sold over 185 million units since 2013, and the incredible marketing campaign that was kicked off by this trailer played a huge role in this success.

YouTube video

The trailer took the industry by storm, presenting a gorgeous recreation of Los Angeles from the developer. While the trailer was short and showed less than 90 seconds of footage, it highlighted a bold and promising entry for this franchise.

From the beginning, the video set the tone for a comedic, emotional, thrilling, and action-packed experience that awaited players in the world of GTA 5. A massive leap in visuals compared to GTA 4 was also immediately obvious.

Classic GTA elements like robberies and police chases were highlighted in the video. All of this was complemented by the immersive world of Los Santos, which was the standout part of this trailer.

Twelve years later, this video has accumulated over 90 million views. With comments as recent as 10 days ago, it is evident that fans continue to revisit the trailer, looking back on the reveal with a fondness for the game.

GTA 5 NaturalVision Evolved

Like everyone else, we have incredible memories with GTA 5. This reveal was a small part of the game’s incredible legacy, which has helped it stay relevant over a decade later.

As we celebrate this iconic moment from Rockstar, we hope to see another monumental reveal soon. With the anticipation around GTA 6, the game is already positioned to overtake its predecessor, and we expect it to become the biggest title from the studio to date.

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