GTA Online Was Released On This Day 10 Years Ago

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Rockstar Struck Gold Exactly 10 Years Ago!

GTA 5 is over a decade old, but it continues to reach new milestones. With 185 million sales to its name, the title has catapulted Rockstar Games to new heights, thanks to the appeal of GTA Online.

The online component of the title has helped it stay relevant after all these years through consistent updates and new content. Following the 10th anniversary of GTA 5, GTA Online turns 10 years old today.

Like the story mode, GTA Online was originally introduced on the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. However, this part of the game has been through several changes, discontinuing support for the original platforms.

While GTA Online was fairly barebones at first, Rockstar Games’ updates have led to a completely different experience several years later. Today, players can find new businesses, heists, and more fun activities in the mode.

Rockstar Games is also known to introduce updates for specific seasons, often celebrating the holidays with snow all over Los Santos, encouraging players to constantly return to the game.

Such updates have allowed the Take-Two CEO And President to make over $72 million because of the microtransactions sold in the game. Therefore, the online mode has proven to be the epitome of a successful live service model.

GTA Online

However, despite their appeal, fans are ready to move on from GTA 5 and its online component.

GTA 6 has become the subject of incredible anticipation since a leak last year finally revealed the game to millions of fans worldwide. While the studio has yet to reveal the game, fans have speculated that teasers for GTA 6 have begun to show up. 

Take-Two has also hinted that GTA 6 will be released in the next two years. The game is expected to bring its own flavor of online gameplay, continuing the legacy of an engaging online sandbox in the GTA franchise.

However, GTA Online’s success has reached unprecedented levels since its release, and it will not be easy for the next online mode to live up to this success.

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