GTA 3 Unreal Engine 5 Concept Shows The Remake We Deserve

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Doing What Rockstar Failed to Do!

Story Highlights
  • A YouTuber has made a 10-minute GTA 3 trailer in Unreal Engine 5, which looks breathtaking.
  • The trailer showcases what Rockstar should’ve done with the definitive edition of the GTA Trilogy.
  • There are likely no plans for a GTA 3 Remake at Rockstar, so this is the closest we’ll ever get.

When Rockstar revealed they were launching definitive editions for the original GTA Trilogy, fans were excited. However, it was a major letdown when the remasters eventually launched. They didn’t look anywhere close to modern games and had optimization issues.

A new video has surfaced, showcasing GTA 3 in Unreal Engine 5, and this is what we wanted. The game doesn’t look anything like Rockstar’s releases with the remasters. Instead, it dials everything up a notch.

Why it matters: The GTA trilogy, comprising GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, holds sentimental value for fans. Rockstar couldn’t capture those sentiments with their remastered versions, so the new concept trailer is a welcome change.

YouTube video

The concept takes things to a whole new level. It integrates a few GTA 5 PC mods and uses Unreal Engine 5 to implement them in GTA 3.

This leads to stunning visuals and brilliant ray-traced shadows and reflections. Moreover, the character models and the buildings also put new life into the now over-20-year-old GTA 3.

While some may argue that this concept sacrifices the original art direction, it is important to note that this is not done by a professional game development studio. Still, the concept still shows the potential a remake would have.

Driving a car in GTA 3 Was Revolutionary At The Time.

As Rockstar is currently focused on GTA 6, there are no plans for a remake. The closest we have is the definitive edition, which isn’t the best of remasters. However, this makes us question that if someone on YouTube can do it, why not Rockstar itself?

With remasters and remakes being the go-to for many studios as a safe approach today, perhaps GTA 3 will receive its own remake someday. Till then, however, we appreciate this concept that breathes new life into the classic entry.

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