Happy Hunting! Bloodborne Celebrates 9 Years of Gothic Horror

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Still No Remake or Sequel

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  • Bloodborne is deemed as the greatest title by FromSoftware.
  • The game is celebrating its 9th anniversary today since its launch on March 24, 2015.
  • An addition to the franchise has been in heavy demand for a long time.

FromSoftware has developed numerous acclaimed titles over the years, and among them, Bloodborne stands out as one of their most remarkable experiences that continues to resonate with players.

Bloodborne was released on March 24, 2015, and was thoroughly loved by fans and critics. Today marks the 9th anniversary of the game, as Bloodborne turns 9 years old.

Why It Matters: Bloodborne’s legacy as one of the greatest additions to the PS4 library remains intact nine years after its release. The game’s exceptional reception solidifies its position as one of the best in the gaming industry.


The game’s enduring appeal and dedicated online community highlight its status as a gem on the PS4. With over 7.6 million units sold, Bloodborne continues to be cherished by players as a great gaming experience years after its release.

The game’s captivating combat has even influenced major titles like The Last Of Us 2, and there are reports of a movie adaptation in development, showcasing Bloodborne’s enduring impact beyond the gaming world.

While Bloodborne is hailed as a pivotal experience on the PS4, its exclusivity to the platform has prevented it from reaching a wider audience, as it has not been ported to any other platform, and even a PS5 dedicated version has not been introduced.

Over the years, there has been significant demand for Bloodborne to receive a PC port, with many fans expressing their desire for the game to be available on the platform. Despite persistent requests, there has been no official announcement regarding a PC release for the game.


Alongside the call for a PC port, there has been considerable demand for a remake or sequel to Bloodborne. Despite years of anticipation, there has been no concrete news on these fronts, but there are hints that some developments may be forthcoming.

An industry insider has recently disclosed that a Bloodborne remake is in development. Moreover, FromSoftware has also acknowledged the persistent excitement surrounding the game. These indications suggest that fans might have something to look forward to.

We hope the game will still be released on PC if it gets a remake. This would also seem highly likely since PlayStation did the same with The Last Of Us remake and is focusing more on PC recently.

Should the game receive a remake, fans would anticipate its release on PC as well. Given PlayStation’s recent focus on PC ports, exemplified by The Last Of Us remake, such a move would appear highly probable.

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