Bloodborne Remake In The Works, Says Industry Insider

PlayStation Finally Addressing Demands!

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  • Fans have been demanding a Bloodborne remake for a while. 
  • A leaker states that such a project is in the planning phase.
  • According to the leaker, the remake will be released for the PS6, skipping the current generation.

Bloodborne was among the first few hits for Sony’s last-generation console. Following a successful legacy and the current popularity of FromSoftware, fans have begun to demand a remaster of the game for current-gen consoles and PCs.

While there have been many rumors over the years about a new version of Bloodborne, a credible leaker has now claimed that PlayStation is working on a remake of the game.

Why it matters: PlayStation has revamped games like The Last of Us Part 2 recently. This has confused fans who believe Bloodborne needs this treatment more.

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This information comes from I’m a Hero Too/Head on the Block, a credible leaker from Resetera, who has previously leaked details about various Persona games.

A former journalist recently claimed that a PC port of Bloodborne was in development many years ago. I’m a Hero Too corroborated this information, stating that the project has been practically rebooted now.

However, the leaker is confident that the game won’t be released for the current generation of PlayStation. He stated:

“Bluepoint had the job, only in the planning stages. It was their next project.”

He claims that the remake is expected to arrive on the PS6, though the development may have shifted away from Bluepoint Games.

The leaker asserts that Sony delayed the game’s release on PC and is now interested in a full remake. He also believes that the ship for a basic remaster has already sailed, so a release on the PS5 is unlikely.

This could mean that Bloodborne may serve as a launch title for the PS6, putting it in a similar position as Demon’s Souls Remake from 2020.

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Bloodborne Concept Art

Recently, the God of War creator also stated that he heard about a re-release of Bloodborne from Sony. Therefore, it seems most of the leaks have a common theme: something modern for the game is in the works.

Bloodborne is one of the few first-party PlayStation games without a PS5 upgrade at the moment. While many thought Sony did not care about this IP, the gaming giant might have completely different plans for the franchise if this rumor is to be believed.

Apart from Bloodborne, PlayStation is also expected to be working on a remake of Uncharted. All of these projects appear to be far from release, but the credibility of these leakers suggests that there is some truth to the reports.

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