Gamdias is a relatively recent company. They were formed in 2012 and started out with keyboards and mice. Now they have expanded to cover a large variety of gaming peripherals and accessories including mouse pads, wired and wireless mice, keyboards, chairs and even PSUs. They’ve sent over several products for review. Now they sent us for Gamdias Hades M1 Review.

Gamdias Hades M1 Gaming Mouse Review

Gamdias Hades M1 Gaming Mouse Review

As with the Nyx mousepad, the Hades is also named after a Greek God. Hades is the Greek god of the Underworld. Gamdias have released several gaming mice but the Hades M1 is their first attempt at a RGB enabled wireless mouse.

Let’s not waste any time and get right into the unboxing.

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Gamdias Hades M1 Unboxing and Impressions

Gamdias Hades M1 Packing

Gamdias has employed a very straight forward box designs for all of their products. The front of the outer cover has all the relevant info and marketing you need to know. Company and product names in the top left, company logo in the top right.

Large picture of the product itself in the center against a gray background with the highlighting features along the bottom edge of the front. This layout is common across all modern Gamdias product and they showcase the product adequately.

Gamdias Hades M1 mouse box

The right side of the box has the product name and some bar codes.

Gamdias Hades M1 mouse packaging The left side has a list of the specifications along with the package contents and a QR code.

Hades M1 Mouse box backside

The back has an image of the mouse with various features being highlighted and some marketing material for the mouse in 12 languages. The top has some info about the company and various certifications.

Gamdias Hades M1 box front

Cutting the seal at the bottom, we slide out the inner box. Its mostly plain black except for the name and logo for the mouse on top.

Gamdias Hades M1 Unboxing

Opening the flap, we are greeted by the mouse itself, a gold plated USB cable, 2 side grip shapes, and the USB wireless receiver.

Gamdias Hades M1 Unboxing and Impressions

Starting with the mouse, its small to medium sized with an ambidextrous shape but with side buttons only on the left. I’ll cover the shape and size in depth in Testing and Usage.

Gamdias Hades M1 Mouse review

The mouse itself is made of mostly plastic of varying types. The top surface has a matte coating to allow for a good grip.

Hades M1 Gaming Mouse

The top surface is fairly standard. Left click has the logo for the mouse, right click is bare. The scroll wheel is also back lit and an indicator LED is present above it. Below the mouse wheel are the 2 DPI switching buttons made of a glossy plastic. The back of the top surface has the Gamdias logo.

There are 2 rings of clear plastic running around the bottom and top edges that allow the RGB lighting to pass through.

gamdias hades m1 mouse

gamdias hades

gamdias mouse

The right side has a cut out for the swappable side grips that are attached with magnets. 2 grips are included in the box with the 3rd plain grip already attached.

m1 gaming

As stated above, there are 2 buttons on the left that have a silver color. Just below the buttons is a large rubber grip with a small hexagonal pattern.

m1 gaming mouse

At the front of the mouse we only have the micro USB type B connector for charging and connecting the mouse.

m1 gaming mouse review

On the bottom, we get 2 large gilde pads, one on the front and one on the back, the optical sensor slightly offset to the left, the insert for the weight tray (that contains the 4 5g weights included) and a power switch.

All in all, the looks of the mouse are a fairly standard affair. Nothing too over the top or flashy. The design is on point and the shape should theoretically fit a large variety of hands. The size is on the smaller side, so small to medium sized hands should be able to use the mouse perfectly. Speaking of usage, lets get to actually getting a fell of the mouse and see how it behaves while gaming and general usage.

Hades M1 Mouse Testing and Usage

Following are the specifications of the Hades M1 as listed on the Gamdias website.


  • Tracking Method : Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
  • Dimension(LxWxH) : 125 x 62 x 39 mm
  • Weight : 116~126g
  • Keys : 7 Keys
  • Resolution: Up to 10,800 DPI
  • Bulit-in Memory NA
  • Weight System : Yes (5g x 4)
  • Switch Lifecycle : 10 Million clicks
  • USB Cable Length : 1.8m
  • Graphical UI : Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)

Gamdias doesn’t specify which particular gaming sensor they’re using but its speculated to be a variant of the Pixart PWM 3330.

The mouse was used and tested on a Nyx P2 RGB mousepad and a Zowie GTFX mousepad. The mouse can be used with or without the supplied wireless receiver depending on whether you want to use it wireless or not.

Starting with the shape and size, the mouse is medium sized and as such will be best for hands that are small or medium. However, the shape of the mouse may be a bit of a concern.

Hades M1 Mouse Testing

It is ambidextrous but the top of the mouse is mostly flat, with the hump being near the middle of the length. The hump is also very subtle, not really elevating and then descending quickly towards the back of the mouse. This results in a less than ideal grip on the mouse if your hand is on the larger side, with the index and middle finger hanging off the front edges if using a palm grip. This isn’t a problem for fingertip grip and to some extent for claw grip as well, although as said above the hump is not very pronounced so the palm doesn’t get a lot of support.

wired wireless gaming mouse

The weight of the mouse can also be adjusted as needed with the 4 included 5 grams weight in the weight tray that inserts in the bottom of the mouse. The mouse can still be used without the weight tray installed which ends up with the mouse being very balanced in terms of weight. Adding the tray shifts the balance more towards the rear of the mouse.

The mouse itself is made of plastic with a matte coating for grip. The left side and mouse wheel have a rubber surface for added friction that give a fairly decent hold even with larger hands.

hades mouse M1 M1 Mouse vertical look

The right side of the mouse can be adjusted shape-wise with the included side panels. These attached magnetically and are pretty sturdy, with almost no moving about when attached. These dramatically change the shape of the mouse, adding a ledge for the little finger to rest upon.

hades mouse review

The left side is fairly simple with only 2 side buttons. The click and feel on these is a bit tinny but not bad. They have more travel then usual but work as intended without any issues.

Coming to actual use, the mouse tracked perfectly without any skipping or glitching. No acceleration or deceleration was observed. The mouse didn’t spin out or lose tracking during very rapid movements. Even angle snapping doesn’t deter the mouse tracking. No jittering occured during use and the mouse can track very precisely at very low sensitivities. The mouse travels very smoothly thanks to the large feet, even on a coarse control surface.

The Hades also has several useful features built into the mouse. It can instantly detect whether its been plugged in with the USB cable or being used wirelessly and can switch without any delays. If the mouse is left on in wireless mode for a long time without being used, it automatically switches off

The left and right clicks are have a satisfying feel without being too loud. Decent amount of travel. Nothing to write home about. Gamdias claims these have a 10 million click life time so they’re very unlikely to wear out any time soon. The mouse wheel is a bit of a let down.

There is very little tension in the steps. It feels mushy while scrolling up and down and there is barely any sound. Improvement can certainly be made for the scrolling at the very least. Mouse wheel click isn’t too bad but the loose steps on the wheel can result in accidental scrolling. Just below the scroll wheel are the 2 DPI switching buttons. These are mostly out of the way and unlikely to result in accidental clicks no matter what grip you use. Click feel and sound is standard, not too hard and not too soft.

As with all Gamdias products, the Hera software can be used to tweak supported peripherals. The Hades M1 section has 4 tabs on the left edge, Key Assignment, Macro Assignment, Mouse Control and Mouse Luminence.

On the right edge, you save your preferred settings and configuration as a profile. The profile can also be set to be activated when launching a certain program or software. You can even assign a hotkey for each profile for quick switching. On the top edge is an indicator of the mouse battery life.

Touching upon battery life, Gamdias doesn’t have any estimated use time but on a full charge, the mouse lasted between 1 and 2 days of use with LEDs on. Without LEDs, it lasted about 2 full days of use.

M1 Mouse with LEDs

Gamdias Hades M1 Mouse tested review

Gamdias Hades M1 reviews

Gamdias Hades M1 Mouse Dashboard

M1 Mouse multiples game tests

Key Assignment is fairly simple. You can choose what each of the buttons on the mouse do when actuated. A myriad of options are available, including default settings, disabled, macros, DPI switching, mouse functions, media keys and Windows functions.

M1 Macro Creation

Macro Management is very robust macro creating segment of the Hera software. Macros can be created and organized into different folders right in the software for easy changing. Macro creation is very simple with the software itself explaining each icon.

Gaming Mouse M1 Review

Mouse Control allows you to set parameters for how the mouse behaves in use by allowing changes to acceleration or deceleration, DPI, sensitivity, double click speed and polling rate.

Mouse Luminance is where the user can change the lighting and effects of the mouse. Disappointingly this is one area of the software where it falls a little short. It doesn’t allow for too much customization and the color selection doesn’t produce the exact same color on the mouse itself.

There are 3 options, single, breathing and neon. Single allows for one color to be set at a time, that can be changed with the 3 sliders for red, green and blue. There isn’t a dedicated brightness slider but it can be set on the color sliders. Breathing is as the name implies, with the option to set its speed. Neon is basically color cycling. I definitely think more options can be added to lighting in a future software update.


Good Gaming Mouse M1

Gamdias Hades M1 Review certainly can stand out in a crowded world of RGB mice. Having the option to use it wired or wireless is a feature very few mice can boast, at least being equally reliable in both modes. The RGB features are present here bit lacking compared to others.

The mouse has a safe, ambidextrous shape design which can be used by almost all grip types (under a fixed size group). The shape can be tweaked with the included grip ledges that attach on the right side. All the buttons on the mouse feel satisfying enough and don’t have any issues while use. The software is very robust and allows one to utilize the mouse however they please, with virtually infinite options in terms of macros and binding functions.

In addition to looks, it can perform equally well in the right hands. Gamdias doesn’t specify the sensor but it is believed to be a Pixart model. And it is highly unlikely to disappoint. Tracks perfectly without any discernible acceleration or deceleration no matter how quick or slow one swipes the mouse. Angle snapping is also a non issue.

The mouse does have its quirks though, it is definitely not perfect. The top shell of the mouse could be made more ergonomic, with a higher hump. That will definitely increase the possibilities of grip use and make it more comfortable for more users. The lighting section of the software could be more fleshed out for more options and effects.

Keeping all this in mind, the Gamdias Hades M1 RGB wireless mouse receives Tech4Gamers’ Performance award. Special thanks to Gamdias for sending their products in for review.

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Tech4Gamers Performance Award

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