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Gamdias Hades M1 Review

Examining the aesthetic qualities and features of the Gamdias Hades M1.

Ultimate gaming mouse with versatile design and performance?

Review Summary

The Gamdias Hades M1 is a versatile-handed wireless gaming mouse with customizable RGB lighting, adjustable grip ledges, and impressive performance. While it caters well to users with small to medium-sized hands and offers extensive customization options, it may not be suitable for those with larger hands seeking a more ergonomic design and detailed RGB lighting customization.

  • Adjustable Grip Ledges - 8/10
  • Flawless Tracking - 9/10
  • Customizable RGB Lighting - 7/10
  • Satisfying Buttons - 8/10
  • Versatile-handed Design - 7/10


  • Versatile design
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Adjustable grip ledges
  • Impressive performance
  • Extensive customization options


  • Less ergonomic for larger hands
  • Limited RGB lighting customization

Gamdias sent us the Hades M1 for review. It’s an ambidextrous mouse with adjustable grip ledges and satisfying buttons. The software offers extensive customization options, including macros and binding functions. Performance-wise, the Hades M1, rumored to have a Pixart sensor, impresses with flawless tracking and smooth angle snapping. Gamdias Hades M1 is a solid choice, blending performance and customization with a few design considerations. Let’s dive into the details of this intriguing mouse.

Key Takeaways

  • The Gamdias Hades M1 is a versatile-handed wireless gaming mouse with customizable RGB lighting and adjustable grip ledges.
  • It is best suited for gamers with small to medium-sized hands who appreciate customization options and versatile-handed design.
  • It is not suitable for users with larger hands seeking a more ergonomic shape and extensive RGB lighting customization.

Let’s kick things off with a look at the specifications.

Specifications Gamdias Hades M1 Mouse
Tracking Method Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
Dimensions (LxWxH) 125 x 62 x 39 mm
Weight 116~126g
Keys 7
Resolution Up to 10,800 DPI
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Weight System Yes (5g x 4)
Switch Lifecycle 10 Million
USB Cable Length 1.8m
Lighting Multi-Color
Software HERA

Packaging and Unboxing

Gamdias has employed a very straightforward box design for all of its products.

Box Contents

The following content was inside the box:

  • Mouse
  • Gold-plated USB cable
  • 2 side grip shapes
  • USB wireless receiver
Gamdias Hades M1 Unboxing and Impressions
Mouse and accessories (Image By Tech4Gamers)


Starting with the mouse, it’s compact, ambidextrous(double-handed), and features left-side buttons. The body, primarily plastic, ensures a solid grip with its matte-coated top surface.

The mouse top looks pretty standard, with the left click featuring the mouse logo and the right click being plain. The backlit scroll wheel and the glossy plastic DPI buttons are below it. The Gamdias logo is on the back, and there are clear plastic rings for RGB lighting on the top and bottom edges.

PRO TIP: Prioritize performance and customization over flashy design for an optimal gaming experience.

Swap grips easily with the magnetic attachments on the right side. Get two extra grips in the box, and the third one is already on. Enjoy the silver-colored buttons on the left, complemented by a spacious rubber grip below with a chic hexagonal pattern. At the front of the mouse, we only have the micro USB type B connector for charging and connecting the mouse.

At the bottom, there are two big glide pads, one in front and one at the back, with the optical sensor slightly to the left. You’ll find the weight tray insert with four 5g weights and a power switch. The mouse has a standard, understated design that should suit various hand sizes. It’s not too flashy. The size is on the smaller side, perfect for small to medium hands. Now, let’s dive into how it feels and performs in gaming and everyday use.

m1 gaming mouse review
Weight Distribution (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Testing and Usage

Sensor and Specs: Gamdias Hades M1 features an unspecified gaming sensor, speculated to be a Pixart PWM 3330 variant.

Design and Size: With a medium size, the ambidextrous(double-handed) design of the mouse may not be ideal for larger hands. The subtle hump in the middle contributes to a less-than-ideal grip for palm users like myself. Although I tried fingertip and claw grips, they worked well for me.

WARNING: If you have larger hands or specific RGB customization needs, consider alternative options.

Adjustable Features: The mouse offers customization with an adjustable weight tray, allowing users to balance the weight distribution. Additionally, the right side’s shape can be modified using magnetic side panels.

Performance: The Hades M1 provides accurate tracking without glitches, spin-outs, or loss of tracking during rapid movements. I noticed that its performance remains smooth even at low sensitivities, and it comes with features like instant detection of wired or wireless use.

Buttons and Clicks: Satisfying left and right clicks boast a decent amount of travel, and Gamdias claims a 10 million click lifetime. However, I found that the mouse wheel falls short with loose steps, a mushy feel, and minimal tension.

hades mouse M1
Overall View (Image By Tech4Gamers)


Gamdias’ Hades M1 mouse, customizable with Hera software, offers robust features. Key Assignment, Macro Management, Mouse Control, and Mouse Luminance tabs provide extensive customization options. Battery life lasts 1-2 days with LEDs on and 2 days without. While lighting options lack detailed customization, a future update could improve it. Overall, it is a solid gaming mouse with room for software enhancement.

Should You Buy It?

Buy It If

You Want Versatile Design with RGB Lighting: The Hades M1 suits users with smaller to medium-sized hands, offering a versatile design and customizable RGB lighting. Adjustable grip ledges add personalization.

You Enjoy Extensive Customization Options: For customization enthusiasts, the Hades M1 provides adjustable grip ledges and satisfying buttons, allowing a personalized gaming experience.

You Prioritize Smooth Angle Snapping: Rumored to feature a Pixart sensor, the Hades M1 impresses with flawless tracking and smooth angle snapping, making it a strong contender in the wireless gaming category.

Don’t Buy It If

You Seek More Ergonomic Shape: Larger-handed users may find the ambidextrous design less ergonomic, and those desiring extensive RGB customization might be disappointed.

You Prefer Mice with Elaborate Lighting: If intricate RGB lighting customization is crucial, the Hades M1 may fall short, and users seeking detailed options might explore alternatives.

You Desire Enhanced Grip: For those prioritizing ergonomic design and enhanced grip, the Hades M1’s top shell might be less accommodating.

Final Words

Gamdias Hades M1 stands out in the RGB mouse crowd with wired or wireless options. RGB features are a bit lacking, but the safe, ambidextrous design suits various grip types. Customizable shape with grip ledges. Buttons work flawlessly. Robust software offers infinite macros and binding options. Performance is top-notch with an unspecified but likely Pixart sensor, ensuring perfect tracking without acceleration or deceleration. However, it has room for improvement: a more ergonomic top shell for enhanced grip options and a more elaborate lighting section in the software.

Special thanks to Gamdias for sending their products in for review.

Recent Updates

  • February 14, 2024: A few text changes to improve readability. Added image galleries.

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