Elden Ring IP Now Fully Owned By FromSoftware

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FromSoftware Can Now Handle Franchise On Its Own!

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  • FromSoftware has secured complete control of Elden Ring IP.
  • 30% stake acquired by Sony and Tencent likely facilitated the full ownership.
  • Delays previously attributed to ownership negotiations might finally see the DLC released soon.

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring remains a popular game two years after its launch, setting a new and unexpected bar for the developer’s future titles. The studio has capitalized on this success, acquiring the full rights to the IP.

Why it matters: This franchise was by far Bandai Namco’s most successful investment. Having lost ownership, the publisher is expected to experience sharp declines in profits and revenue.

FromSoftware Fully Owns Elden Ring IP
Elden Ring Trademark Status

FromSoftware now owns Elden Ring entirely, sparking speculation about what’s next for the franchise.

This change happened after Bandai Namco handed over the ownership rights in April 2023. It’s a significant change for Elden Ring, which used to be a joint effort between FromSoftware and Bandai Namco.

Sony and Tencent chipped in funds, snagging a 30% share, which likely helped make this change happen. Despite this big shift, there’s been no official word from the company on what it means for the future.

No longer will the fate of Elden Ring hang in the balance of external influences. FromSoftware, renowned for its uncompromising vision and unique world-building, now holds the reins, free to chart the course of the franchise as they see fit.

There are speculations that Elden Ring’s DLC keeps getting delayed because the folks at FromSoftware were busy securing the game’s full rights. If true, the DLC could launch in the coming months.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Tencent was working on a free-to-play mobile version of Elden Ring. This was made possible thanks to Tencent’s investments in FromSoftware in 2022.

It’s important to note that Kadokawa is still the majority holder in the company.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring’s Open World Is Massive

Now that FromSoftware fully owns the Elden Ring IP, it will be interesting to see when they will finally drop the much-awaited DLC. Based on the recent changes on SteamDB, the expansion is in the quality assessment stage.

This gives us a general idea that fans should be able to witness the Elden Ring’s DLC launch very soon. According to rumors, the DLC is expected to offer at least 20 hours of content, which is nearly half as big as the main game.

As the Elden Ring story unfolds, fans wonder how it will affect fans waiting for new stuff.

Some worry the franchise might not move forward much, based on what’s happened with other games. Nevertheless, the community remains divided on whether these changes will lead to tangible improvements or maintain the status quo.

One thing is certain: FromSoftware now calls the shots. With Elden Ring firmly under their control, the studio is ready for a fresh start, backed by devoted fans and endless possibilities.

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