Elden Ring Free-to-Play Mobile Version Reportedly In The Works

Expect In-App Purchases And Microtransactions!

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  • Elden Ring is currently available on consoles and PCs.
  • A report states that Tencent has acquired the license for this IP.
  • This publisher is now working on a free-to-play mobile game based on FromSoftware’s famous IP.

Tencent is the name behind popular mobile games ruling the industry. PUBG Mobile is the most notable, but this publisher is looking to expand its portfolio with Elden Ring.

FromSoftware’s surprise hit has already sold 20 million units so far. With more content expected this year, Tencent wants to capitalize on this IP and create a mobile port, according to the latest reports.

Why it matters: Modern smartphones like the iPhone 15 Pro can handle AAA titles like Resident Evil Village.

Elden Ring FromSoftware

According to Reuters, Tencent has gained access to this license, and the Elden Ring mobile game will take a free-to-play approach. However, it will include microtransactions like Genshin Impact.

This is not surprising for a typical mobile game, but it goes against FromSoftware’s design. Microtransactions might play a role in the PvP elements, giving paid users an upper hand in such scenarios.

Still, this likely means that Tencent will rework parts of the game. FromSoftware has been known to release paid expansions, but the studio is not keen on selling items or stat boosters that provide in-game benefits.

Elden Ring Multiplayer
Elden Ring Multiplayer – Image Credits (FromSoftware Inc)

We believe that Elden Ring will find an even bigger audience on mobile, though the game might lose a lot of its identity in the process. This will also be a first for FromSoftware since IPs like Dark Souls have not received mobile ports in the past.

Meanwhile, the studio is working on an expansion for the AAA Elden Ring experience. Shadow of the Erdtree recently moved into testing, hinting at an imminent release.

One consequence of this port could be bigger investments for future FromSoftware releases. Free-to-play games are incredibly popular on the platform and often outpace other genres in terms of revenue.

Therefore, this release could become a catalyst for future AAA FromSoftware projects, leading to more excitement for bigger and more ambitious titles.

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