Current Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Build Needs $2000 PC For Similar Experience, Says Producer

PC Version Will Take More Than 6 Months To Optimize!

Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be among the best games for PlayStation 5 owners in 2023. Previously, Producer Naoki Yoshida claimed the title would showcase the PS5’s power, leading to additional excitement for the project.

However, Final Fantasy 16 is a timed exclusive for Sony. The game will make its way to the PC platform later, similar to games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The Producer recently discussed the inevitable PC port with 4gamer and had much to say about the optimization needed for a PC version.

He stated:

“FF16 has so far relied on PS5’s performance for game design, creation, and optimization.

If you simply put this into the PC version as it is, you can’t have the same experience unless you have an expensive PC that costs close to 300,000 Yen(Over $2000).”

Final Fantasy 16 will be one of the few current-gen-only games coming to the PlayStation 5 this year. The developers have elaborated on using PlayStation 5 hardware and unique features like the PCIe 4.0 SSD to make a game with large-scale combat and bosses.

The Producer also discussed the seamless transitions from cutscenes to gameplay players would experience with Final Fantasy 16. While going through battles against enemies like Ifrit and Garuda, the PS5 loads the next scene simultaneously. 

However, drawing direct comparisons between a PC port and the PS5 version is not easy without exact resolution targets for the upcoming console release. At the very least, fans can expect the game to put the new features and innovations found in the PS5 to great use. 

For these reasons, the developers have also stated that optimizing a PC version will likely take more than six months. While the exclusivity period will last half a year, fans will wait longer for a competent experience across a broad range of PC hardware. 

With more work and optimization, Final Fantasy 16 can run on more mainstream PC configurations, significantly bringing the $2000 figure down. 

With over 35 hours of story content and a new revamped combat system, the next entry in the Final Fantasy series promises a breathtaking experience for casual and hardcore fans alike.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on June 22 for the PS5 with no plans to delay the game beyond the announced release date. Fans can also expect a demo two weeks before release for hands-on game impressions. 

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