Xbox Series S|X Have Reportedly Sold 18.5 Million Units

Vs. 30 Million For PlayStation 5!

The Xbox Series S|X consoles have been on the market for over two years, offering two at drastically different price points. While Xbox is in a much better position than the last generation, the console manufacturer is still behind PlayStation. 

In January, PlayStation revealed that the PS5 had sold over 30 million consoles, marking a huge milestone for the gaming giant. This left many fans curious about the number of Xbox Series S|X consoles Microsoft had sold. 

Ampere analysis has published a report estimating that Microsoft sold 18.5 million Xbox Series S|X units

Xbox Series X|S 18.5 Million

Previously, it was estimated that Microsoft had sold approximately 20 million consoles. The gaming giant has enticed customers with options like the budget-friendly Xbox Series S and Xbox Game Pass, making for a more favorable outlook for the Xbox brand. 

However, Ampere analysis puts the Xbox numbers just behind the 20 million mark. Unlike Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft does not officially announce console sales unless there is a significant increase over previous reports. 

Judging the report’s accuracy is complex, and there is bound to be room for error. However, PlayStation’s position as the current market leader is undeniable, and the gap is expected to increase even more in the coming months. 

PlayStation struggled with supply chain issues over the last year. But this was not the case with Xbox, and the Xbox Series S|X consoles saw regular supply even when the PS5 was hard to find. 

Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo continues to do well, with the Nintendo Switch recently surpassing Sony’s PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch is now the third-best-selling console of all time crossing 122.55 million sold units

It might be disappointing for Microsoft to miss the 20 million mark, but the future could accelerate Xbox sales. First-party games like Starfield are anticipated to make a strong case for Xbox consoles, and Game Pass will likely continue to produce a steady output of quality offerings. 

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