ReviewsCooler Master Devastator 3 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Combo

Cooler Master Devastator 3 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Combo

Our hands-on experience with the Cooler Master Devastator 3 allows us to present a detailed review covering both design and performance.

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Review Summary

The Cooler Master Devastator 3 is a gaming combo featuring a membrane keyboard and an RGB-capable gaming mouse. It caters to PC enthusiasts and gamers with tactile feedback, customizable RGB lighting, and dedicated multimedia keys on the keyboard. While it lacks advanced features like mechanical switches and USB Passthrough, it offers an affordable option for those seeking a functional gaming setup.

Hours Tested: 3 Weeks
Tech4Gamers Recommended Award

  • Design - 8/10
  • Features - 7/10
  • Performance - 7/10
  • Value - 9/10


  • Affordable gaming combo
  • Tactile feedback on the keyboard
  • Customizable RGB lighting on both keyboard and mouse
  • Dedicated multimedia keys on the keyboard
  • Ergonomically designed mouse with adjustable DPI


  • Membrane switches on the keyboard (not mechanical)
  • Lack of advanced features like N-Key Rollover and USB Passthrough
  • No wristrest on the keyboard
  • The mouse has a static color mode only

Cooler Master has sent us Devastator 3 for review. The Devastator 3 is a Combo of the keyboard and the mouse. It has enhanced the already popular Devastator 2  with features like adjustable DPI up to 2400 and tactile keys for improved feedback; this is ideal for PC enthusiasts. And now, with 7 different LED color options, you can customize your peripherals to match your hardware.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cooler Master Devastator 3 is a gaming gear combo featuring a membrane keyboard and an RGB-capable gaming mouse with an adjustable DPI of up to 2400.
  • It is ideal for PC enthusiasts and gamers seeking an affordable gaming combo with tactile feedback, customizable RGB lighting, and dedicated multimedia keys on the keyboard.
  • It is not suitable for users looking for mechanical switches, advanced features like N-Key Roll over or USB Passthrough, or a wrist rest on the keyboard. The mouse has static color mode only.

Take a look at the specifications.


Features Details
Product Name Devastator 3
Model Number SGB-3000-KKMF1-XX
Interface USB 2.0
DPI 4 levels (600, 1200, 1800, 2400)
LED Backlight 7 colors to choose from
Lighting Mode Full backlit and pulsating mode (speed adjustable by FN key combo)
Dimensions 119.1(L) x 64.6(W) x 36.7(H) mm
Weight 128g (including cable)


Features Details
Product Name Devastator 3
Switch Type Membrane
Material Plastic
Color Black
LED Color 7 colors to choose from
Lighting Mode Full backlit and pulsating mode (speed adjustable by FN key combo)
Polling Rate 125 Hz
Multimedia Dedicated
Wrist Rest Undetectable
Connector Cable USB 1.1
Dimensions 449.7(L) x 148.4(W) x 35.6(H) mm
Weight 898g

Packaging and Unboxing

The combo comes in a cardboard box packing with extended length.


Let’s look at the gaming gear combo from the Cooler Master.


This keyboard uses Membrane switches, not mechanical ones. It has a bold design that complements gaming setups. Despite being made of plastic, the build quality is excellent. The keys appear to float on a white cover over the PCB, creating a cool and even lighting effect.

The keyboard has a stylish and bold design with reflective plastic on the left, right, and front sides. The multimedia keys are on the front, and there’s a USB cable in the middle part of the front. The rear side has engraved lines in a pattern, and the keycaps are laser-etched and grip-coated. However, they easily catch fingerprints, so be cautious with greasy fingers.

The keyboard has a simple US layout with a dedicated numpad on the right. Three lighting zones on top of the number keypad indicate Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Win Lock in static white color. Surprisingly, there’s no indicator for Scroll Lock. The area left to the numpad includes direction keys at the bottom and PRT SC, SCR LK, and Pause keys at the top. The middle section has keys to INS, HOME, PAGE UP, DEL, END, and PAGE DOWN. When combined with the Fn key, the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys control brightness.

There is a Fn key available with this keyboard. The Fn key has multiple functions with this keyboard. Here is a tabular format of this key information:

Fn PAGE UP Increase the Brightness of the lighting.
Fn PAGE DOWN Decreases the Brightness of the lighting.
Fn COOLER MASTER FN LK (Windows Key) Locks/Unlocks the Windows key
Fn F11 Locks/Unlocks the Keyboard
Fn *≈◌ Changes the backlighting effect
Fn Reduces the pulsating speed of the lighting effect
Fn = Increases the pulsating speed of the lighting effect.

On the top side, starting with the Escape key, F1 to F12 keys are grouped, and the Cooler Master keycap by the spacebar acts as the windows key. Dedicated keys on the top left include Stop, Play/Pause, Rewind, and Forward. Volume keys are on the right side. The backside has a Cooler Master logo, model number, and power details. The keyboard lacks a wrist rest but features an ultralow profile for reduced strain and anti-slide rubber pads for stability. 

PRO TIP: Customize your gaming setup with the Cooler Master Devastator 3’s seven RGB backlight options to match your hardware and create an immersive gaming experience.


Check out the Gaming Mouse in the Gaming Gear Combo. It has a USB 2.0 connection and is ergonomically designed for serious gaming. The mouse is compact (119.1×64.6×36.7mm) with a flat profile and a large wheel for easy use. It’s customized for hardcore gaming with durable Omron switches lasting 10 million key presses. The Avago optical sensor is optimized for extreme gaming with 4 DPI levels (600, 1200, 1800, 2400). Cooler Master put in a lot of effort here.

The mouse weighs 128g with its cable. It has four lighting zones, including hidden front lights. The mouse wheel, a button behind it, and the rear side light up. You can choose from 7 colors, like the keyboard.

Rubber paddings on both sides provide a strong grip, preventing slipping. The left side has buttons with arrow marks. Pressing ˅ and the top button lowers DPI, while ˄ and the top button increases DPI. Press the top button once to change the lighting color; it can also be turned off.

WARNING: For users seeking advanced features like mechanical switches or USB Passthrough, or those in need of a wrist rest on the keyboard, the Devastator 3 may not be the ideal choice.

The mouse has a label on the back with the Cooler Master logo and the model number SGB-3000-KKMF1-US. Rubber mountings on top and bottom prevent slippage. The Avago Optical sensor is in the middle. The top cover suggests a separation for the left and right sides, with LEDs in the palm grip area. The plastic cover on the keypress area easily catches fingerprints.

The rear side has a combed mesh design. The buttons’ clicking sound is satisfactory, and the mouse wheel movement is okay. The keyboard lacks a wrist pad, and the Enter and shift keys require pressure to press. Overall, I had a positive experience with the combo, suitable for gaming and content creation at 1200 DPI.

RGB Testing

The Cooler Master Devastator 3 Combo features an RGB-capable mouse and keyboard with seven backlight options. Choose from Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, and White to personalize your setup. You can turn off the lighting or control static color brightness with the Fn key and PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN keys. Adjust pulsating speed using the Fn and -/= keys.

Here are some pics of it with lighting.

Should You Buy It?

Following a comprehensive analysis of Cooler Master Devastator 3 gaming combo, my judgment is:

Buy It If

You PC Enthusiast or Gamer Seeking Affordability: If you fall into the PC enthusiast or gamer category and are looking for a cost-effective gaming combo, this might be the right choice for you. The package offers tactile feedback, customizable RGB lighting, and dedicated multimedia keys on the keyboard.

You Prioritizing Compact and Ergonomic Gaming Mouse: This combo delivers for those who value a compact and ergonomic gaming mouse. With adjustable DPI (up to 2400) and durable Omron switches, it caters to gamers who seek precision and comfort in their gaming peripherals.

You Personalization Enthusiast: This combo provides seven different LED color options if you revel in personalizing your gaming setup. It ensures you can add your unique touch to your gaming environment while offering good value.

Don’t Buy It If

You Mechanical Switches and Advanced Features Needed: If you have specific requirements such as mechanical switches on your keyboard or advanced features like N-Key Roll over or USB Passthrough, this combo may not meet your criteria.

You Lack of Wrist Rest for Extended Gaming Sessions: For those who prioritize comfort during extended gaming sessions and require a wrist rest on the keyboard, this combo might not provide the necessary support.

You Dynamic Color-Changing Modes for the Mouse: If you’re searching for a mouse with dynamic color-changing modes, it’s essential to note that the mouse included in this combo offers a static color mode only, which may not align with your preferences.

Final Words

Cooler Master Devastator 3 is a gaming combo with a keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is 449.7 x 148.4 x 35.6 mm with USB 1.1, 125 Hz polling rate, and multimedia keys. It uses US Layout, has membrane switches, weighs 898gm, and lacks advanced functions. The mouse is 1191 x 64.6 x 36.7 mm with an Avago Optical sensor, four DPI profiles (600-2400), and durable Omron switches. Both have RGB lighting (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, White). The keyboard has a pulsating mode and adjustable speed/brightness. Used for gaming, picture editing, and content creation. No wrist pad, and some keys were hard at first. After adjustment, it’s a value winner for its form, function, and price.

I thank the Cooler Master for allowing me to review their Devastator 3.

Recent Updates

  • February 25, 2024: A few text changes to improve readability. Added image galleries.

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