Modern Warfare 3’s Biggest Mistake Should Never Be Repeated

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COD Campaigns Deserve To Be Treated Better!

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  • The campaign mode has always been one of the key elements of a Call of Duty game.
  • However, Activision’s recent treatment with Modern Warfare 3’s campaign was a serious mistake.
  • Activision should learn from last year’s reception and deliver a great campaign with Black Ops 6.

The Call of Duty series is undoubtedly the biggest first-person shooter franchise globally, renowned for its compelling campaigns and multiplayer. However, Activision recently seems to be undermining a key element that has contributed to the franchise’s dominance: its campaign.

The recent treatment of Modern Warfare 3’s campaign was really disappointing from a fan’s perspective. The game featured a brief 3-4-hour campaign with a weak narrative and recycled ideas, leaving a poor impression on many.

I believe this was a huge mistake by Activision and should never be repeated in the future since campaigns are a key component of the IP.

Why it matters: Ever since the inception of the Call of Duty franchise, people have always praised its campaign. This is why neglecting a massive aspect of a game that is important to so many people is not a great idea.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty Might Revive Ghosts & Advanced Warfare Franchises

The Strengths of Call of Duty’s Stories

A strong campaign plays a vital role in a game’s success, establishing lore and characters that engage players. Moreover, memorable campaigns create lasting impressions and build connections with characters.

Without strong campaigns, we wouldn’t have iconic characters like Captain Price, Soap MacTavish, and Ghost. These characters became well known due to the memorable stories that they were a part of.

Treyarch also deserves to be mentioned here. The Black Ops franchise has always excelled in this department. Whether it be the mysterious story of the first Black Ops or the sci-fi-based warfare of Black Ops 2, the team has pioneered thrilling first-person shooter campaigns in the past.

However, Modern Warfare 3’s campaign was too short to develop characters meaningfully, resulting in a lack of connection between players and the story.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6
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Multiplayer Is Not The End All Be All

While I enjoy the multiplayer mode, relying solely on it is not the answer, as it can become repetitive. A balanced approach between multiplayer and campaign is essential for many games, including Call of Duty.

The earlier Call of Duty titles are considered the strongest entries because of their robust campaigns. These campaigns are still regarded as some of the best, thanks to the focus they received.

Reflect on Black Ops 4, and you’ll notice how hollow that game felt. This was because it skipped the campaign entirely. On the other hand, the first two rebooted Modern Warfare entries brilliantly portrayed familiar characters and stories in a new light.

I hope to see this excellence on full display again in Black Ops 6.

I’m hoping Black Ops 6 doesn’t repeat Modern Warfare 3’s mistakes. The game looks impressive and may end up becoming one of the strongest Call of Duty titles in recent years.

Black Ops 6 has been playtested for two years and could be the biggest Call of Duty title in size, suggesting a wealth of content. However, nothing is certain, and we’ll find out for sure when the game releases on October 25.

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