Bloodborne Became One Of Most Talked About Games After State of Play

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Fans Are Still Optimistic About Bloodborne Remake!

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  • Bloodborne was released almost a decade ago, and there are still no signs of a remaster, remake, or PC port.
  • As always, fans hoped for a new announcement when PlayStation returned with a State of Play.
  • Following this event, Bloodborne trended on Twitter, and fans discussed the game in droves.

Bloodborne, a masterpiece released nine years ago, is still fresh in the fandom’s memory. The game’s atmosphere puts many next-gen releases to shame, allowing this FromSoftware title to stay relevant to this day.

Because of the IP’s popularity, the fandom has been demanding a remake for a long time, and FromSoftware is well aware of this demand. Recently, PlayStation went live with a new State of Play, and as odd as it may sound, fans got hopes up for something related to this IP.

Following the event, Bloodborne also became one of Twitter’s top trending games.

Why it matters: Sony has been awfully quiet about Bloodborne, leading to concerns that the gaming giant may waste this IP’s potential.

Bloodborne Trended on Twitter In Gaming After PlayStation’s Latest State of Play Concluded

Mrpyo1 on Twitter highlighted that Bloodborne was one of the most talked-about games after the State of Play. This is unsurprising, as fans still have not lost hope for the remake.

The tweets ranged from fans making memes about PlayStation ignoring the IP, demanding a remake, and discussing how other franchises are receiving much more attention.

Interestingly, Nightmare Kart, a fan-made racing game inspired by the IP, also launched yesterday. All of this, combined, created more than normal buzz for the franchise on social media.

Fans still believe that Bloodborne will eventually get its time in the limelight, with PlayStation possibly releasing a remake for the PS6. This strategy seemed to work well for Demon’s Souls, so it could be used again for what has become one of FromSoftware’s most popular titles.

Fans Have Not Lost Hope In PlayStation Just Yet

A credible leaker recently revealed that the game’s remake is being discussed and could begin development soon. So, there is a real possibility that fans will get what they want.

That said, there have been many rumors like this before. The game being ported to PC has been rumored quite a few times, but none of those rumors have been confirmed officially. For now, fans can do nothing but wait.

Till then, it may be worth checking out Shadow of the Erdtree, the latest FromSoftware content, coming later this month.

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