All Your Digital Game Libraries Die With You With No Way For Transfer

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PlayStation, Steam, Xbox, Epic Games All Say Transfers Not Allowed!

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  • Users are worried about what will happen to their digital libraries when they pass away. 
  • Most major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and more, don’t allow the transfer of digital accounts.
  • The best option seems to be sharing passwords with those you trust.

Modern-day gaming relies a lot on digital downloads. Recent titles like Alan Wake 2 and Hellblade 2 completely skipped a physical release, pushing gaming further into a digital age.

Since users spend so much on their digital purchases, it’s only natural that many are curious about what happens to this content once they pass on. Unfortunately, the answer is far from pleasant.

Why it matters: Digital game libraries aren’t transferable to another person. So, unless you know the credentials to someone’s account, their entire collection is lost.

Streaming Video Games
Recent events have raised concerns about digital game collections.

This topic was previously raised when a user contacted Steam asking if he could transfer ownership to someone else when he dies. Steam support replied that they couldn’t merge or transfer the library to another person.

However, the topic has once again been raised on a different platform. This time, GOG was asked a similar question, and their answer was quite similar but also presented a solution. They can make it happen if you obtain a court order of the entitlement.

In general, your GOG account and GOG content is not transferable.


Elsewhere, Insider Gaming reports that Xbox and PlayStation have a policy similar to Steam’s. Both gaming giants seem fine with leaving massive libraries in limbo after their original owners pass away.

Similarly, Epic Games states that accounts won’t be transferred after death. 

Digital only AAA Games
Many AAA games are shifting towards digital-only release

In this instance, the best option seems to be sharing credentials with a friend or loved one. However, this is far from the optimal solution.

In the event that an account requires a password reset, said user would need access to the credentials of the email associated with the Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account. When looking at the situation from this perspective, it becomes clear why gamers want a more practical solution.

Ultimately, these libraries can often cost thousands of dollars, making it a real shame that platforms have not come up with a proper solution. Perhaps the recent outrage on the matter will prompt a discussion among higher-ups at Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and more.

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