Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Dev Blames Xbox Series S For Limited Scope

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Devs Were Held Back By Xbox Series S Hardware!

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  • Kingdom Come Deliverance is said to be just 25% bigger than its predecessor.
  • According to the developers, the title was held back in scope due to the Xbox Series S hardware.
  • They blame this console’s 10GB of memory, stating that it became the primary limiting factor.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 was just announced not too long ago. Following its very ambitious action RPG, developer Warhorse Studios is returning for an even bigger and better project in the form of a sequel.

However, it seems that the team’s ambitions were somewhat thwarted by the current capabilities of modern consoles. According to the studio, the Xbox Series S held its latest game back.

Why it matters: Microsoft promised that the Xbox Series S would be a proper next-gen console in 2020, but this promise has not aged well.

Xbox Series S|X Controller
Microsoft Does Not Allow Different Game Versions Between The Xbox Series S|X Consoles

As reported by Zing, the team recently shared new information on Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 during Game Access, an event in the Czech Republic.

Warhorse Studios described its upcoming action-RPG as about 25% bigger than the first game. The team states that this limited scope was decided upon due to the Xbox Series S hardware.

Since this console comes with just 10GB of RAM, which is about 25% more than the PS4 and Xbox One, Warhorse Studios decided to roughly match this percentage when considering its next project.

The official slide presented during the show showcased the original Kingdom Come Deliverance as being 88% of 16km2. Meanwhile, the sequel’s map is broken into two chunks, 35% of 16km2 and 75% of 16km2.

The developer also confirmed the frame rate and resolution targets. This action RPG will run at 30FPS across all consoles, joining recent games like Hellblade 2. The Xbox Series S version is said to target 1440p.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2
Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Will Arrive At Some Point This Year

Various developers have already blamed the Xbox Series S hardware in the past. Among the recent examples, Remedy Entertainment comes to mind, which pointed out that creating games for the system can be quite tricky.

Moreover, Larian Studios faced its fair share of problems when working with the console, eventually dropping split-screen support for the Xbox Series S.

Nonetheless, there is still plenty of reason to be excited about Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. This sequel is described as an RPG with a lot of freedom and reactivity, creating an experience that will be a major step up over the original title.

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