Rog Ally X Officially Unveiled With $799 Price Tag

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The Best Windows Handheld Out Right Now?

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  • The ROG Ally X features a bigger battery at 80-watt hours, ensuring longer gameplay sessions without frequent recharging.
  • The handheld launches in July with a 1TB SSD, a revamped motherboard with an M.2 2280 slot, and much more.
  • The ROG Ally X offers minor enhancements, maintaining a familiar gaming experience with slight performance improvements.

The updated Asus ROG Ally X has just been unveiled, and it features twice as much battery capacity and lives up to the company’s claims of providing longer gaming sessions. However, the more expensive version is an update rather than a sequel.

Asus also confirms that its latest handheld will go on sale next month for $799, following months of leaks and teases.

Why it matters: The original ROG Ally debuted in 2023. Therefore, it seems the company is keen on saturating the market with various models arriving not too long after Asus entered this market.

While the gaming handheld continues to run Windows, it might be the best Windows handheld to date since Asus managed to pack a massive 80-watt-hour battery into a portable gaming device.

The ROG Ally X also updates several of its vital internal components, having been designed with user feedback at its core. With a 1TB SSD instead of the 512GB on the original Ally, customers can now fit all their games on it.

Furthermore, the ROG Ally X boasts a revamped motherboard with an M.2 2280 form factor slot, making it easier for consumers to upgrade to larger disks than with an older motherboard.

The refresh has a new internal layout and a black-colored exterior. Thunderbolt compatibility is also included this time since users requested support for more universal I/O.

The ROG Ally X is only 70g heavier than the older model, even with the new 23% smaller fans and a noticeable boost in battery life. However, the updated gaming handheld from Asus feels lighter than its 678g weight would imply.

With some fundamental differences, the Asus ROG Ally X and the original are essentially the same device. We’re talking about a 1080p 120Hz display running on the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU.

Although the 24GB RAM bump in the new version could help some PC titles run more smoothly, the overall performance should be similar to the original. In the end, if you play a lot of video games while on the road, you should give the Asus ROG Ally X some thought.

The 80Wh battery life of the portable console will significantly impact your experience.

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