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NB BlackSilentFan XL-P Review: An Iconic Fan

Get a firsthand look at NB BlackSilentFan XL-P Fans with our detailed exploration of its design and performance.

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Silent Operation With High Performance!

Review Summary

The NB BlackSilentFan XL-P is a budget-friendly, German-designed 120mm fan from the renowned IT series, emphasizing silent operation and strong performance with UV Active blades. Ideal for users seeking reliability and quiet operation without RGB lighting.

Hours Tested: 4
Tech4Gamers Recommended Award

  • Noise - 9/10
  • Performance - 8/10
  • Design - 7/10
  • Installation - 8/10


  • High-Performing
  • Classic Design
  • UV Active Blades


  • No RGB
  • No Arrow Indicators
  • No Included Screws

Today, we’ll explore the NB BlackSilentFan XL-P, a German-designed fan from the company’s renowned IT series. Tailored for budget-conscious users seeking silent operation and strong performance, this fan features UV Active blades, emphasizing form and functionality. The BlackSilentFan comes in various sizes, and we’ll specifically be reviewing the XL-P version in the 120x120x25mm size.

Key Takeaways

  • The NB BlackSilentFan XL-P is a German-designed 120mm fan from the renowned IT series, emphasizing silent operation and strong performance with UV Active blades.
  • It is ideal for budget-conscious users seeking a silent, high-performing fan with reliable build quality, featuring UV Active blades for added aesthetics.
  • It is not for users who prioritize RGB lighting or extensive customization, as it focuses on a classic design emphasizing performance and quiet operation.

 Let’s start with the specifications.

Size 120x120x25mm
Weight 125g
Rated Voltage 12V
Start Voltage 4.5V
Input Power 2.64W
Input Current 0.22A
Rated Speed (12V) 1000-2000 RPM
Static Pressure (12V) 2.790 mmH₂O
Air Flow 40.6 ~ 75.3 CFM / 69.0 ~128.0 m³/h
Sound Pressure (100CM) 13.1 ~ 31.7 dB/A
Loudness (100CM) 1.565 Sone (N)
MTBF (25°C/77°F) 75000 Std./hours
Operating Temperature -10°C  ~ +65°C
Frame Material PBT 20%GF
Impeller Bayer Makrolon (PC)
Connector 4-Pin PWM

Packaging and Unboxing

The fan comes in a cardboard box of white and blue colors.


The NB-BlackSilentFan, a popular fan from BlackNoise since 2005, belongs to the IT series for PC users. The XL-P version in the 120mm category operates at 12V DC, using 2.64W with a starting voltage of 4.5V. It offers a variable RPM range from 1000 to 2000, providing airflow from 40.6 to 75.3CFM. The fan’s static pressure is 2.790 mmH₂O at 12V, producing a sound ranging from 13.1 to 31.7 dB(A) at 100CM.

Here is the listing of their entire BlackSilentFan series of the fans:

Size (mm) Model Names
40x40x10 XM-1, XM-2
50x50x10 XS-1, XS-2
60x60x25 XR-1, XR-2
80x80x25 X-1, X-2
92x92x25 XE-1, XE-2
120x120x25 XL-1, XL-2, XL-P
140x140x25 XK-1, XK-2


The fan features a classic black frame made of reinforced fiberglass PBT material. There are no anti-vibration pads on the corners, and it has a standard 120mm mounting clearance. The frame lacks arrow indicators for spin and airflow direction. The 7 transparent blue blades are made of high-quality synthetic material by Bayer with an anti-dust surface. The motor hub has a black sticker with Noiseblocker branding and a website address.

The backside of the fan includes a black sticker covering the motor hub, with printed information on ultra-quiet operation and RoHS conformity. The 4-arm assembly connecting the motor hub with the frame ensures rock-solid build quality. The fan uses NB-Nano SLI bearings and NB-EKA P2 motor. Each fan has a 50cm sleeved power cable and anti-vibration mounts called NB Slics. While no screws are provided, the fan is suitable for PC chassis airflow or heatsinks with fan mounts provision using NB-Slics.

PRO TIP: The NB BlackSilentFan XL-P is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users seeking a silent and high-performing fan with a classic design.
NB-BlackSilentFan XL-P Back Side Closer Look
Rear View (Image By Tech4Gamers)


Thanks to Blacknoise for sending 3 fans in each category for testing on the Alphacool Eisbaer 360. The NB BlackSilentFan XL-P showed high airflow and good static pressure values when tested against Alphacool Eiswind 12 fans. Eiswind 12 fans operate on 12V DC, with a speed range of 55-1700 RPM, airflow of 63.85 CFM, and 1.66mmH₂O static pressure. Testing included airflow profiles, PWM range, and thermal performance at 50% and 100% speeds using a Reeven Polariz fan controller.


In our first test, we try to validate the manufacturer’s stated/rated airflow value. The rated airflow value is 75.3 CFM at full speed. In my testing, the airflow value comes to 78.3 CFM, validating the rated airflow value.

XL-P Fan Review Testing Airflow
Airflow (Image By Tech4Gamers)

PWM Range

Next is the fan’s PWM range and the corresponding airflow values. 810 is the lowest RPM achieved on this fan, below the rated minimum RPM of 1000. The maximum speed of the fan comes to 2100 RPM. The rated maximum speed is 2000 RPM. The fan stops spinning below 4.5V and starts spinning at 4.5V, validating the rated starting voltage.

XL-P Fan Review Testing PWM
PWM Range (Image By Tech4Gamers)


Tested Microsoft Windows 10 x64 Professional edition build version 1709. Used Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste. Set fans to 50% and 100% speed and CLC pump to 100%. I employed Asus RealBench v1.44 to stress test the CPU. Monitored temperatures with RealTemp. First, run a stress test with XMP at stock clocks (3.6GHz, turbo boost 3.8GHz, Turbo Boost II 4.0GHz, 1.16V VCore). Recorded delta temps. I overclocked the chip to 4.3GHz, 1.350V VCore, loaded XMP, and ran the stress test again, noting delta temps.

WARNING: If you prioritize RGB lighting or require arrow indicators for spin and airflow direction, this fan may not meet your specific preferences.

The thermal performance of the fan was tested on this test bench:

  • Intel i7 6850k
  • Asus Rampage V Edition 10
  • Ballistix Elite 4x4GB @ 3000MHz
  • Alphacool Eisbaer 360
  • Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
  • Corsair AX 1200i

Here are the results.


Both fans almost deliver the same acoustic performance.

NB-BlackSilentFan XL-P Acoustic Performance
Acoustic Performance (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Should You Buy It?

After a careful evaluation of NB BlackSilentFan XL-P, I find that:

Buy It If

✅ You Are A Budget-Conscious User Seeking Silent Operation: If you’re on a budget and prioritize a quiet PC setup without compromising performance, the NB BlackSilentFan XL-P is a reliable and high-performing fan designed for silent operation. It caters to you if you value a peaceful computing experience.

✅ You Appreciate Classic Design And Aesthetics: For those who appreciate a classic design with added aesthetics, the BlackSilentFan’s timeless black frame and UV Active blades offer a stylish yet functional addition to your PC components. It can enhance the overall look of your system.

✅ You Need Versatility in Installation: If you require a fan for various purposes, including PC chassis airflow or heatsinks with fan mounts, the NB BlackSilentFan XL-P, equipped with anti-vibration mounts called NB Slics, provides flexibility in installation options. It is versatile and suitable for different setups.

Don’t Buy It If

❌ You Prioritize RGB Lighting And Customization: If you prioritize RGB lighting and extensive customization options in your PC builds, the NB BlackSilentFan XL-P may not be the best choice. It focuses on a classic design and performance, lacking flashy lighting effects.

❌ You Need Arrow Indicators for Spin And Airflow Direction: If having arrow indicators for spin and airflow direction is crucial for your installation preferences, the absence of these indicators on the BlackSilentFan’s frame may be a drawback. This fan might not meet your specific requirements in this regard.

❌ You Require Included Screws: If you prefer fans that come with included screws for easy installation, note that the NB BlackSilentFan XL-P doesn’t provide screws in the package. You may need to source screws separately for your installation needs.

Final Words

The NB BlackSilentFan XL-P has been a popular, high-selling fan by BlackNoise since 2005. It comes in various sizes and falls under the IT series for PC users. Rated at 12V with 2.64W power, these fans have 1000-2000 RPM, 2.790 mmH₂O static pressure, and 40.6-75.3 CFM airflow. The operating temperature is -10 °C to +65°C. The frame is reinforced fiberglass PBT, and the fan has Makrolon 7 transparent blades. It uses NB-Nano SLI bearings and NB-EKA P2 motor. The fan includes anti-vibration mounts and comes with a 3-year warranty. It performed well against competitors in tests, showing a 1.1°C lead in stress tests on an overclocked i7 6850k at 4.3GHz. Acoustic performance is subjective.

Recent Updates:

  • February 21, 2024: A few text changes to improve readability. Also added image galleries.

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