Batman Arkham Knight Steam Update Hints At RTX Remaster

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Received Steam Update After 3 Years!

Batman Arkham Knight was the final entry in the Batman Arkham series. The game impressed audiences with its accurate depiction of Batman, batmobile gameplay and more.

The game has not received much attention lately, apart from the recent announcement of a Nintendo Switch port. However, Batman Arkham Knight has had some activity on the Steam version recently.

The game received a Steam update four days ago that incorporated a new private branch called patch_test, indicating that it may soon receive new features, including a long-anticipated RTX remaster.

Why it matters: Recently, many older games have received RTX remasters with Nvidia tools, including the likes of Portal and Half-Life 2. Therefore, Batman Arkham Knight may be next on the list.

Batman Arkham Knight Steam Update
Source: SteamDB

A new ray-tracing update for the game is quite likely because the massive Geforce Now leak from 2021 included a number of projects that have since come to fruition, including games like Tekken 8.

Among the list, Nvidia mentioned Batman Arkham Knight RTX Remaster. Since the game had not been updated for three years until recently, the test patch has led to speculation about a visual overhaul for the game.

Batman Arkham Knight may also receive DLSS support in addition to ray tracing. The game’s PC port was always sponsored by Nvidia, and the PC gaming giant may be looking to use this to its advantage.

Ray Tracing would be a fantastic addition to the game. Despite its age, it has held up extremely well over the years, going toe-to-toe with many games released much later.

Batman Arkham Trilogy Nintendo Switch

While the Batman Arkham series remains popular, the creators of the Batman Arkham franchise, Rocksteady Studios, have moved on to a different project.

Rocksteady Studios is currently working on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which is scheduled to be released on February 2 next year, marking the last appearance of Kevin Conroy as Batman.

Nonetheless, this update provides hope for fans of the Batman Arkham series.

Batman Arkham Knight had a rocky journey on PC, suffering from a terrible port at release. However, the game is in a much better state today, and ray-tracing features could help breathe new life into this epic Batman title.

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