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Greetings, I’m Malik Usman, a dedicated Computer Science student fueled by a passion for technology and a knack for translating complex details into engaging articles. My journey involves diving deep into the intricacies of the tech realm to bring forth comprehensive and informative content.

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As a News Reporter at Tech4Gamers, I bring the latest findings from the tech industry to our readers. Specializing in processors, graphics cards, and more, I strive to deliver detailed insights that keep our audience well-informed and engaged. Periodically, I also delve into the vibrant world of gaming to share captivating stories.

Tech Journey

My expedition into the tech landscape began with a fascination for how innovation shapes our digital world. Now, as a Computer Science student, I channel my knowledge into crafting articles that bridge the gap between intricate tech details and accessible information. From processors to gaming insights, my journey is a continuous exploration of the ever-evolving tech universe.

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090 Is Reportedly Based On Monolithic Die

Nvidia's flagship GeForce RTX 5090 card is expected to feature a monolithic design compared to MCM on its AI focused Blackwell cards.

Immortals of Aveum FSR 3 Frame Generation Now Available For Consoles

The console version of Immortals of Aveum now support the latest version of FSR 3 and brings the integration of frame generation.

GeForce RTX 5090 Reportedly Supports Up To 32GB GDDR7 Memory

The GeForce RTX 5090 is expected to feature a dense memory layout capable of handling up to 32GB of memory.

AMD Debuts Anti-Lag 2 Preview For Counter-Strike 2

AMD's new Anti-Lag 2 technology offers a much better solution than its predecessor to avoid the recent bans in various games.

Ghost of Tsushima Supports Simultaneous Use of FSR 3 & DLSS

Ghost of Tsushima becomes the first PC game to blend AMD’s FSR 3 Frame Generation with DLSS and XeSS. It enables Nvidia users who don't have GeForce RTX...

Nvidia Reportedly Working On ARM-Based Gaming Handheld

Nvidia and MediaTek may be looking to join forces for the gaming industry, with the two working on a gaming SoC based on ARM.

MediaTek & Nvidia Joining Forces To Create ARM-based AI CPU

Nvidia and MediaTek are planning to collaborate with a unified goal to develop an ARM-based processor to accelerate AI.

AMD RDNA 5 Expected To Utilize Completely New Architecture

According to reports, AMD is aiming to build RDNA 5 using a completely new architecture, promising a huge leap for the technology.

Nvidia Expected To Debut RTX 5080 & 5090 In Single Month

Nvidia seems to be planning a debut for both of its best RTX 50 series graphics cards in a single month this year.

Global CPU Market Grew By More Than 30% Year-on-Year In Q1 2024

CPU shipments have gone up by over 30% year-on-year, with this industry finally moving on from a difficult period.

PS5 Pro GPU Capable of 36 TFLOPs Performance At Most, Says Analyst

The PS5 Pro seems to be capable of reaching 36 TFLOPs on paper, in addition to fully supporting features like mesh shaders.

AMD Leaker Teases Major Ray Tracing Improvements For RDNA 4 GPUs

AMD RDNA 4 architecture is expected to compete with Nvidia when it comes to simulating real-time ray tracing effects.

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Smite 2 Interview – MOBAs Are The Dark Souls of Multiplayer Games

Utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and making various changes, Smite 2 is set to breathe new life into a MOBA franchise that was already huge.

Doom: The Dark Ages Now #1 Wishlisted Game Across All Platforms

Doom: The Dark Ages has become the industry's most anticipated upcoming release after the recent showcases.

I Prefer PBS Keycaps Over ABS For My Gaming Keyboard – And I Have A Good Reason!

If you’re particular about your Gaming Keyboards, you need to make the upgrade to PBT Keycaps immediately.

Hear Me Out: Intel Macs Are Seriously Underrated For Gaming

Humiliating Intel Macs for gaming is symptomatic of being a PCMR fan. Alas, times have changed. Welcome to a new era.

I Tested The Arc Browser On Windows – It’s Still A Work In Progress

After trying the Arc browser on Windows, I'm sure it's a good change, but it still needs some improvements before it becomes the best.