Atomic Heart Is Now Steam Deck Verified

Finally, Steam Deck Verified!

Atomic Heart has been a critical success for Focus Entertainment. Due to its reception, the revenue of Focus Entertainment increased by 36.2%, which is an outstanding figure. As the game has exceeded the expectations of the publisher, it has now been Steam Deck verified.

Why it matters: Steam Deck offers a unique portable experience for AAA games, and the handheld from Valve continues to grow in popularity. With the Steam Deck verification, Atomic Heart can now reach an even wider audience.

The developer of the game, Mundfish, has also revealed a new trailer for the game running on Steam Deck.

Atomic Heart had a lot of hype behind the project, and it provided fans with an exciting setting combined with impactful FPS gameplay.

Back in January, the developer teased Steam Deck compatibility for the game on day one, but they did not make any guarantees. However, fans will be glad to know that the team has lived up to its promise, with the game now verified a few months after launch.

When Atomic Heart was launched, many users faced several bugs and glitches. Following various updates, many of these bugs have also been patched for an even better experience.

Now that the game has been Steam Deck verified, it will be more fun and satisfying to play. Fans can continue to enjoy the title on the go, even if they cannot access their gaming PCs.

Mundfish has also confirmed that Facility 3826 has many places yet to be discovered, and one such place will be available soon. A brand new DLC will be released this year in summer.

What do you think of Atomic Heart being Steam Deck verified? Are you waiting for the new DLC?

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Obaid Ur Rehman
Obaid Ur Rehman
A gamer who not only loves to play but also writes about them. In my free time, I will probably play open-world games and watch anime or TV Series.

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