Warner Bros Teases Superman Game In Recent Earnings Call

Superman Game In Development?

Superman is arguably the most iconic superhero in DC comics. With decades of history, the character has become popular for his kind nature and overwhelming strength.

Despite his popularity, Superman has not found much success in the gaming industry. While characters like Batman and Spider-Man have received various commendable titles, the same cannot be said for Superman.

However, this could change soon, as Warner Bros Discovery has recently hinted at a new Superman game.

Why it matters: Superman’s strength and abilities have made him a complex character to adapt to video game format. Despite fan demand for a Superman game, the character has not received much attention in recent years.


As spotted by TweakTown, the Warner Bros Discover CEO spoke about gaming adaptations during a recent earnings call. After mentioning the success of IPs like Hogwarts Legacy, he stated:

“If you look at Hogwarts Legacy, you go into that game, and you’re in that world.”

He later mentioned the upcoming Superman movie for James Gunn’s DC Universe and said:

“It may be in the next couple years that we launch a Superman movie, and people spend more time, and there’s more economics of people just hanging out in the Superman world and universe.”

Looking at the earlier statement, the CEO may be pointing to an immersive game like Hogwarts Legacy for Superman, one that would allow players to explore the character’s universe.

Abilities like flight, heat vision, and extreme speed make Superman an excellent fit for a game. While it would be challenging for the developers, a proper implementation could mean that players spend hundreds of hours playing the game.

Previously, fans hoped Rocksteady, the developer behind the Batman Arkham trilogy, would try to provide a definitive Superman game. However, the studio is currently busy with Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which is delayed to 2024.

This means that other developers, like WB Games Montreal, could lead the project, but that remains to be seen. Warner Bros could also surprise audiences with a brand new developer, similar to Avalanche Software for Hogwarts Legacy.

Nonetheless, a Superman game sounds exciting. With a massive focus on the future of a DC cinematic universe, the company could be looking to bring more of its iconic characters to the gaming world.

As such, Superman would be perfect to start with, and a high-quality game for the character is almost guaranteed to be a huge success.

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