Atomic Heart Has Exceeded Publisher’s Expectations

Successful Release For Focus Entertainment!

Atomic Heart had several unique gameplay ideas with an exciting setting that immediately made it an appealing title for gaming audiences. While the game’s critical reception may not have met the pre-release hype, Atomic Heart has been a huge financial success.

The publisher, Focus Entertainment, has recently released its latest financial report. Focus Entertainment has seen a historical high for the company’s revenues, with Atomic Heart exceeding expectations.

Atomic Heart Exceeds Expectations
Source: Focus Entertainment

Thanks to the success of recent releases like Atomic Heart, the publisher has seen a 36.2% increase in revenue.

Microsoft’s popular subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, also included the game. This allowed many curious Xbox and PC users to try the game at a low price, opening it up to more players.

Last month, the Mundfish CEO announced that Atomic Heart had been played by over 5 million players three weeks after launch. This was a massive achievement for the developer’s first release.

Previous reports have claimed that Mundfish is already working on a sequel to the game. Furthermore, DLC for Atomic Heart is also in development, so fans can expect plenty of content for the game.

Atomic Heart was praised for its visuals and ambitious gameplay upon launch. Despite criticism for some parts, Mundfish has found incredible success with its first release.

This will likely motivate the developer to work harder on the sequel, potentially delivering an even better game than its predecessor. For those looking to try the game, it can be found on all consoles and PC, with the most accessible method to try the game being Xbox Game Pass.

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