2025 Shaping Up To Be One of Gaming’s Biggest Years

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Big Games, New Nintendo Console, And Major Hardware For PC Gaming In 2025!

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  • 2025 appears to be a fascinating year for the gaming industry.
  • Big games like GTA 6 and Death Stranding 2 are confirmed for the year.
  • The Nintendo Switch 2 will launch next year, bringing its own range of first-party games.
  • 2025 will be an exciting time for PC gaming as well due to new Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, which could potentially debut new technology.

Four months into 2024, I don’t have much to anticipate. Gaming has had many ups and downs this year, and it’s certainly noticeable after the incredible high for this industry in 2023.

However, all hope is not lost yet. 2025 seems to be a return to form for gaming, and I’m confident that it will be a huge year.

Why it matters: From industry-changing games to new console hardware, this year seems to have every base covered.

GTA 6 Is Slated For 2025

Big Games From Major Studios

Since we are many months away from 2025, many games have not been announced yet, while others have yet to receive release dates.

Still, Rockstar Games alone could make up for a dry year with GTA 6. With development being sped up recently, there is a good chance the studio will hit its release target without any potential delays.

Hideo Kojima is also returning after a six-year hiatus. Death Stranding 2 promises to be bigger and better in every way, carefully juggling themes of social connections, trust, betrayal, and more.

Looking into leaks and release patterns, Fable seems to be targeting a launch in 2025. Meanwhile, PlayStation should be all set to reveal Ghost of Tsushima 2 this year, likely following up with a launch in 2025.

Insomniac’s latest leaks have also confirmed more Spider-Man content for next year. However, fans will take on the role of Venom in a spin-off based on this iconic Spider-Man foe this time.

Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch 2 Is Coming Up In Just A Few More Months

A New Era For Nintendo

After seven long years of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has achieved a lot and practically revived handheld gaming on its own. However, it’s time to move on, and leaks point to the Nintendo Switch 2 arriving in 2025.

With DLSS, more ambitious graphical and frame rate targets, and a familiar approach to game design, this console release will be a significant event in 2025. Let’s also consider Nintendo’s potential launch lineup.

A new 3D Mario game would be the icing on the cake if it launched alongside the console, in addition to already announced games like Pokemon Legends Z-A and Metroid Prime 4.

Jensen Huang Nvidia CEO
Nvidia’s RTX 50 Series Cards Will Be Out In 2025

Big Year For PC Gaming

Both Nvidia and AMD are expected to debut their next-generation graphics cards in late 2024. By 2025, PC gaming will have entered another exciting era.

Though there is no telling how impressive or disappointing these cards will be, Nvidia is known to pursue innovation. If it has anything like last generation’s DLSS 3 Frame Generation up its sleeve, 2025 will be a massive year for PC gaming.

Meanwhile, AMD’s new cards are said to be ray-tracing powerhouses. This could finally bring ray-tracing to more budget and mid-range buyers. Elsewhere, Ryzen will continue to break new ground in CPU performance as PC gamers prepare for intensive games like GTA 6.

We should also remember that Sony will port more of its first-party lineup to the platform next year. Therefore, 2025 could mark a major resurgence for recent first-party titles like Spider-Man 2.

Overall, 2025 seems full of potential, and we barely know anything about it so far. Next year, there will be a mixture of great games and various hardware releases, keeping everyone interested in the industry.

While 2024 is by no means terrible, the excitement for 2025 has already eclipsed anything this year has to offer for me. As such, I’m just going to focus on clearing my backlog this year as I look forward to GTA 6 and everything else coming up in 2025.

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