Microsoft Survey Teases Portable Gaming Amid Xbox Handheld Leaks

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Xbox Is Definitely Working On A Handheld!

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  • Following rumors of an Xbox handheld, Microsoft is sending out surveys about this segment of gaming.
  • The survey focuses on user preferences, their experience, and more.
  • This is further evidence of Microsoft’s intentions to create a handheld.

It’s no secret that the gaming industry will be leaning more toward handheld gaming than any other technology in the future. Apart from Nintendo, the likes of Valve, Asus, MSI, and more are interested in the market.

According to recent reports, Xbox is also looking to try its hand at a handheld. Microsoft’s latest survey provides further evidence of this handheld, with the gaming giant inquiring users about their preferences regarding portable gaming.

Why it matters: A handheld gaming device may be the solution to many of Xbox’s current problems since its hardware is doing worse than ever.

Xbox Handheld Survey
Xbox Handheld Survey Image via Neogaf

According to reports, Microsoft is currently sending out surveys, asking respondents for their feedback on handheld gaming devices.

The questions emphasize the following areas:

  • Native gaming
  • Cloud gaming
  • Usage
  • Impact of handheld hardware on other devices

While the contents of the survey have not yet been made public, reports state that the questions asked include information on the motivation behind purchasing a handheld, user likes and dislikes about these devices, and opinions on the UI experience.

It seems Microsoft is in the stage of collecting data before it jumps into the market. However, this is solid evidence that something is indeed in the works behind the scenes.

Xbox Series S|X Controller
Xbox Might Be Planning Something Big For The Next Generation

Since Xbox has promised the biggest technical leap for its next generation, certain users are already making theories about this statement.

Following the survey, many have speculated that this leap could have more to do with the ecosystem’s unification rather than on-paper hardware. Imagine an Xbox console and handheld, both supporting cross-saves, cloud gaming, multiple launchers like Steam, and more.

This could be Microsoft’s ultimate goal for the next generation since Phil Spencer has already pointed to a PC-like focus.

Regarding the Xbox handheld, there is much we don’t know yet. However, this market is certainly becoming more interesting by the day.

Nintendo remains the king of handhelds for the time being, but with Sony rumored to be returning and Microsoft expected to make its debut, this gaming segment could be very different in just a few years from now.

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