Fallout: Bethesda Open To Partnering With Other Devs For New Games

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Bethesda Could Repeat Fallout New Vegas Scenario!

Story Highlights
  • Todd Howard states he is open to working with external developers for new games.
  • He states that conversations for new games like Fallout: New Vegas are still being held.
  • The team is doing its best to meet fan demand for new Fallout content.

Fallout’s popularity seemingly knows no bounds in 2024. With millions returning to Fallout 76, including Phil Spencer himself, this online spin-off is more active than ever.

Meanwhile, Todd Howard confirms the Amazon TV series has reached more than 65 million views in just over two weeks. In the same interview, Todd Howard stated that Bethesda remains open to working with external developers for future games.

Why it matters: Bethesda’s partnership with Obsidian Entertainment previously resulted in Fallout: New Vegas. This RPG is considered one of the strongest entries in the series, so there is still demand for another partnership between the two.

YouTube video

During a conversation with Kinda Funny, Todd Howard was asked about his thoughts on working directly with other studios. This question referred to spin-offs like Fallout New Vegas instead of mainline titles like the numbered entries.

According to Todd Howard, this is not off the table for Bethesda.

I would say we’ve always had those conversations.

-Todd Howard

Since the question implied that Bethesda wasn’t doing much to capitalize on the TV show, an opinion we agree with, Todd Howard pointed out that this was not the case. The Director appears to be entirely satisfied with everything planned for the IP.

He stated that new updates were released for Fallout 76. The Director also said that many things are being planned behind the scenes, possibly hinting at the existence of more than one brand-new game.

As for the initial question, it seems there is still hope for fans wanting for Fallout: New Vegas 2. A recent rumor hinted at a similar collaboration, with Microsoft hoping to release a new game before 2030.

Fallout 76 Bethesda Game Studios
Bethesda Understands The Demand For More Fallout

Elsewhere, Todd Howard mentioned upcoming updates for Starfield. He reaffirmed Bethesda’s commitment to mod support on consoles, highlighting the developer’s intentions to work on Fallout, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls simultaneously.

The Director has previously rejected the idea of external development for its IPs. This change of heart may have been brought about by the recent TV adaptation’s popularity, making a game like Fallout: New Vegas 2 possible again.

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