Want to take your RGB show to the next level? XPG has got you covered. XPG’s new peripherals are all about performance and lighting show. Why not have RGB lighting in the large size mouse pad? Yes, why not! Here it is, XPG XL Gaming Mouse Pad Review.

Though I am seriously wondering why we are still calling such large size pads to be mouse pad exactly when even the keyboard and the mouse together don’t consumer such a spacious layout. And XPG is the leading brand in technology market and we have reveiwed their, XPG Gammix S50 Lite, Spectrix D50, Invader Chasis and much more.

XPG XL PRIME Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Here are the salient features of the mouse pad:

  • Extra Large Gaming Surface
  • Splash-proof, scratch-resistant CORDURA® fabric
  • Two-zone RGB lighting
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Item:                     Battleground XL Prime
  • Manufacturer:      XPG
  • Price:                    Check Price on Amazon

Battleground review Specifications

Battleground review Specifications

Battleground Pad Packaging and Unboxing

The mouse pad is shipped inside a cardboard box in XPG styling.

Battleground review Packaging and Unboxing

We have a picture of the mouse pad on the box. Three features are highlighted here:

  • RGB Lighting
  • Splash proof
  • Detachable Cable

Battleground Packaging

I like it how they have utilized the space and mention the features of the mouse pad which include:

  • Two-Zone RGB Lighting
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base
  • CORDURA Fabric

Battleground Packaging

Now, you get to know the real size of the mouse pad which stands at 900x420mm. And if you are wondering about the thickness, it is 4mm.

Battleground Packaging Size

We have a repetition of the features highlight.

Battleground review features

Battleground Prime is an RGB Gaming Mouse Pad.

RGB XL Mouse Pad Contents

The following are included in the box:

RGB xl mouse pad Contents

  • 1x Mouse Pad
  • 1x Warranty Guide
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Sticker Sheet
  • 1x Detachable Cable

RGB XL Mouse Pad Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at XPG Battleground XL Prime RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. Here is what XPG is saying about their product, “Made with smooth, scratch-resistant, and splash-proof CORDURA® fabric, and sporting an extra-spacious footprint, the XPG Battleground XL PRIME mouse pad is your foundation for great gaming.”

RGB xl mouse pad Closer Look

The dimension of the mouse pad is 900x420x4mm (LxWxD). We have a large surface area on the lift here. The mouse pad came rolled on to a cardboard roller. So, make sure to even out the pad on the surface before using otherwise you may not get the smooth tracking with the mouse early on.

We have an evenly woven and smooth surface for convenient longer hours of gaming sessions. The soft surface provides for a comfortable resting platform for your wrists and arms.

RGB xl mouse pad Closer Look CONDURA brand fabric

CORDURA brand Fabric! In case you are not aware of CORDURA, it was originally developed by E.I. du Pont in 1929 and saw a large-scale implementation in the military particularly in World War-II. The CORDURA fabrics are made of Nylon but can be blended with cotton or other fibers.

CORDURA is actually a collection of fabric technologies with a wide range of applications. If you are interested in reading more about it, take a look at Wikipedia. So what does it mean to have used the CORDURA n the mouse pad? We have splash proofing and scratch resistant surface on top of the mouse pad making it durable. We have a 4mm thick pad sandwiched between the CORDURA and the anti-slip base. The unit has 250 Knits of CORDURA fabric.

RGB xl mouse pad XPG Closer Look

There is an XPG logo on the top right section of the mouse pad in the red color which looks good in person.

RGB xl mouse pad Closer Look top right section

There is an XPG branding on the left side of the mouse pad which extends over to the entire width. It is also in the red color.

RGB xl mouse pad Closer Look left side

There is a black color controller housing on the left top area of the mouse pad. It has a single button on it. Pressing the button will change the RGB lighting mode with every press. There is a USB Micro-B interface on the housing.

RGB xl mouse pad Closer Look Black color controller

The detachable cable has a length of 1.8m and is in black color. The ends have gold connectors.

RGB xl mouse pad Closer Look detachable cable

The power rating of the RGB gaming mouse pad is 5V. The product is made in Taiwan.

rgb mouse pad xl

The backside of the mouse pad has anti-slip rubber to keep the entire mouse pad firmly in place and prevents it from bunching up to ensure smooth movements every time. The backside has a gray shade texture.

rgb mouse pad xl back side

The RGB strips run on the entire length or border of the gaming mouse pad. The mouse pad has two-zone RGB lighting which can be activated by double-pressing the button on the housing of the controller. A close up on the border of the Battleground XL Prime shows a perfect knitting job.

XL RGB Mouse Pad Setup Guide

Follow the below steps:

  • Place the gaming mouse pad on the surface and evens it out. It will take some time to even out.
  • Connect the Micro-B connector to the controller.
  • Connect the USB connector to the PC port.
  • If lighting does not come on, press the button on the controller once.
  • Pressing the controller button for 3 seconds will power off the lights.
  • The mouse pad has two light strips. Double pressing the button will select one strip. You can select both strips at a time as well.
  • Single pressing the button will cycle the lighting colors on the strips.

Here is the list of colors and modes:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Cycle Breathing

I like the vivid and not overly done lighting on the XPG Battleground XL Prime RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. You will get a killer setup when combined with the XPG Summoner Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Primer RGB Gaming Mouse. Here are some pictures:


XPG is taking their peripherals to the next level with the introduction of Battleground XL Prime Gaming Mouse Pad equipped with RGB lighting in two-zones. We have a large and smooth surface area to place our other gaming peripherals on the mouse pad and still enjoy a spacious layout with freedom of movement and tracking for the mouse.

The xpg xl Gaming Mouse Pad review has a length of 900mm and a depth of 420mm. the thickness of the pad is 4mm. It is using CORDURA fabric for durability and reliability. We have a splash-proof and scratch resistant surface with even woven. I am not sure what kind of liquid it can withstand but our water drop testing passed the gaming mouse pad.

The mouse pad comes with a 1.8m detachable USB cable with Micro-B interface for connecting to the controller on the mouse pad. The knitting job is perfect and we have an RGB strip running on the entire border of the mouse pad. There is a button on the controller and we can control the lighting effect using it. The mouse pad does not support ARGB lighting which is let down especially in this price range.

I gave some time to the mouse pad to even it out on the surface and since then, I am enjoying my gaming and typing experience using the XPG Summoner Mechanical Gaming Mouse Pad and XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse.

The XPG Battleground XL Prime is listed at Rs.8999/- at the time of the review and comes with two years of warranty from XPG.

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xpg-battleground-xl-prime-rgb-gaming-mouse-pad-reviewIf you want a spacious and gorgeous large size mouse pad with basic RGB lighting using CORDURA fabric for added splash proofing and scratch resistance and willing to pay a premium tag, XPG Battleground XL Prime RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is a mighty contender.