PS3 Emulation Potentially Coming To Xbox Series S|X Before PS5

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Xbox Series S|X Emulation Support Is Incredible!

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  • The Xbox Series S developer mode has received a new update.
  • This update brings OpenGL/Vulkan support, leading to the possibility of PS3 emulation in the near future.
  • Microsoft’s latest hardware might also be able to support Nintendo Switch emulation soon.

While Sony is seemingly working on PS3 backward compatibility for the PS5, there’s a chance of Xbox receiving PS3 emulation support before the PS5.

A recently released video hints that Xbox has been working on its developer mode, and its recent update could eventually lead to PS3 games support on Xbox Series S|X consoles.

Why it matters: PS3 emulation is quite challenging, even on PC. PlayStation only offers streaming for the PS3 library, making potential emulation on Xbox hardware quite exciting.

YouTube video

Modern Vintage Gamer recently returned with another analysis of Xbox’s emulation capabilities. For the unaware, these consoles can easily emulate fan-favorite consoles like the PS2, making them different from everything else on the market.

It was suspected that Xbox had moved on from its developer mode after emulation took a hit last year when Microsoft blocked unsupported UWP apps. However, the YouTuber has reported that things have gotten much more interesting.

Xbox recently released a new update with OpenGL/Vulkan support. Moder Vintage Gamer states that this could make PS3 emulation possible on the console eventually. Nintendo Switch games could also become playable on the hardware.

For further proof of this progress, the Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra can already run on the Xbox Series X|S.

The door is definitely open now for other emulators, such as PlayStation 3 emulation.

-Modern Vintage Gamer

PS5 And Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series S|X Offer Much Better Backward Compatibility Than The PS5

Although it would be exciting and strange to see the Xbox Series X|S running PS3 titles before PS5, it would give Xbox a significant edge over PlayStation for gamers who adore the PS3 library.

While nothing is confirmed for now, the Xbox Series S is a great emulation machine for just $300. Whether it be the PS2, GameCube, Sega’s Dreamcast, or the Wii, this console offers emulation for all these systems.

These benefits aside, PS3 support would be a huge win for fans who have been waiting for years to enjoy these older titles. At the same time, Sony’s official implementation holds the promise of making PS3 games accessible to an even wider audience.

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