Apex Legends Faces Review Bombing Amid Poor Battle Pass Changes

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Over 6K Negative Reviews On Steam In A Day!

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  • Apex Legends has been review-bombed on Steam following EA’s unpopular announcement yesterday.
  • The Steam rating has gone down to ‘Mixed’ after thousands of negative reviews were added.
  • Fans are not in favor of recent changes to the battle pass system and are planning to abandon the game.

Apex Legends has been one of Respawn Entertainment’s most successful releases. Ever since its launch, the game has been one of the most-played titles on Steam. However, the game’s microtransactions have always been criticized.

Making matters worse, EA recently announced that it is changing the battle pass system. While this should have been good news, Apex Legends has been facing great backlash for it. Following the news, fans have started review-bombing the title.

Why it matters: The new battle pass system is worse in nearly every way, making the experience worse for everyone involved.

Apex Legends Steam
Apex Legends’ Recent Reviews Have Been Negative. (Source: Steam)

As seen above, the game’s recent reviews are now mixed. Out of 12K reviews, 52% have been negative, suggesting that the title has received over 6K negative reviews in the last 30 days.

The number will likely increase as the battle pass system was announced just yesterday, and fans have started using this tactic to force developers into changing mechanics they don’t agree with.

Many have threatened to delete the game on Steam, stating that this new system is not worth the money.

Now with the new battle pass system, I’m deleting the game, as well as most players, bye.

-Steam Review

Players are also leaving similar comments on the Apex Legends Reddit page, saying that the developers have great audacity for charging this much for a bunch of skins.

The audacity of trying to charge you 10 bucks per split for a bunch of crappy blue gun skins, trackers, and other cosmetics is pure insanity.

-Reddit User Narukami_7

The biggest problem with the new system is that players can no longer use in-game currency to buy battle passes. This was an option in the past, but EA is changing it next month.

Players will also be required to buy two battle passes each season instead of just one.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends Remains Respawn Entertainment’s Most Succesful Release

Respawn Entertainment has yet to react to this situation, as the developers have gone quiet following the recent announcement. However, the community is hoping to see the team making changes immediately.

Microtransactions are already quite disliked in the industry, and big publishers like EA resorting to such tactics is only making things worse. Fortunately, players are fighting back, so all hope is not lost just yet.

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