Apex Legends Facing Backlash After Adding 2 Battle Passes For Real Money

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Two Battle Passes Per Season That Can't Be Purchased With In-Game Currency!

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  • EA has announced two major changes to Apex Legends’ battle pass system.
  • Fans are upset over the fact that they won’t be able to use coins to purchase battle passes in the future.
  • Some are also concerned that two battle passes per season will lead to more grinding than before.

Apex Legends is already notorious for its microtransactions. In an industry known to rely too much on this practice, live service games like Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter often stand out.

However, it seems EA’s latest announcement has enraged the fandom. Apex Legends is making big changes to its battle pass system, removing the ability to purchase them with coins earned in-game.

Why it matters: Apex Legends is one of the biggest live service games today, but this move has upset fans. It could lead to massive consequences moving forward.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends Battle Pass System via Twitter

Apart from the change to the purchase method, EA is set to introduce two battle passes per season.

These will offer 60 tiers each at a cost of $10. While $20 per season may appear like a small sum, this change makes buying the battle pass much more difficult than before for the average fan.

Previously, players could earn in-game coins by completing the battle pass, which effectively granted them access to the next battle pass at no additional cost. EA has removed this option with the new system, sparking backlash from dedicated fans.

Various users have spoken against this system on Twitter. They explain how this new system is worse for the average player, while others have expressed a desire to quit Apex Legends altogether.

Do you want to kill the game? Cuz this is how you kill the game.


Players have also pointed out that the new system will force them to play even longer per season. This is why many are against battle passes in general.

Apex Legends Microtransactions
The Changes Will Go Live With Season 22

EA says the new system will allow players to get more value from their time in Apex Legends. However, most fans seem to disagree with this notion.

Anyhow, season 22 officially kicks off next month.

Apex Legends is now heading toward uncharted territory, so it will be interesting to see how audiences react to this shake-up. While audiences seem shaken for now, EA is likely betting on them moving on from the subject once the new content rolls around.

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