Bloodborne Player Count Saw Major 57% Uplift Thanks To Elden Ring DLC

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Elden Ring Hype Pushed Players Toward Bloodborne!

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  • Bloodborne saw a massive 57% spike in player counts in June, thanks to Shadow of the Erdtree.
  • Following the DLC’s release, player counts continued to rise, making the game PlayStation’s 65th most-played title.
  • It outpaced every other FromSoftware release and went through the biggest resurgence.

Bloodborne’s current popularity speaks for itself. Following recent events like the game’s 9th anniversary and PlayStation’s disappointing State of Play, fans demanded the PlayStation address the lack of attention for this particular PS4 exclusive.

Meanwhile, news of a playable build through emulation led to buzz throughout the fandom. If this wasn’t enough, it seems players recently returned to Yharnam, with Bloodborne going through a major resurgence.

Why it matters: Even though this first-party title is among the few that never got a next-gen upgrade, many are still willing to play it. This underscores excellent game design that transcends technical limitations.

Bloodborne First Came Out In 2015

As reported by TrueTrophies, the lead-up to Shadow of the Erdtree led to a positive development for Bloodborne.

Data from over 3 million PlayStation accounts suggests that this game saw 57% more activity in June as FromSoftware fans flocked to Yharnam in anticipation of Elden Ring’s DLC.

However, the successful run didn’t stop there. While Shadow of the Erdtree enjoyed mass positivity from critics and fans, Bloodborne’s player count continued to rise and showed an 11.61% increase in total players.

It also ranked as PlayStation’s 65th most-played game during the last week of June after Shadow of the Erdtree arrived. Interestingly, no other FromSoftware game apart from Dark Souls 3 saw similar results after the Elden Ring DLC launched.

In the case of Dark Souls 3, player counts went up 5.9% that week, making it PlayStation’s 121st most-played title.

Bloodborne FromSoftware PS5 PS4
Bloodborne’s Gameplay Helped Improve The Entire Souls-like Genre

While PlayStation hardly needs any more proof at this point, this instance shows why Bloodborne remains a special FromSoftware release. Many games have come and gone since it first debuted, but few have rivaled the qualities of this particular title.

FromSoftware, like many fans, is open to the idea of a Bloodborne PC port in the hopes of bringing this gothic masterclass to new players. Meanwhile, leaks point to a remake that could potentially arrive by the next generation.

PlayStation continues to ignore the subject amid the rumors, expectations, and speculation. Instead, the gaming giant is focusing on a select few IPs, like Horizon and God of War.

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