Xbox Says You Don’t Need To Buy A Console To Play Xbox

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"You Don't Need An Xbox To Play Xbox"

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  • Xbox is bringing streaming through Game Pass Ultimate to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.
  • An advertisement for this feature states that you don’t need an Xbox to play Xbox.
  • It shows the transformation of the gaming division from a console-centric business to an all-encompassing ecosystem.

Xbox has repeatedly shown that its console is no longer at the heart of the business. While the Series S|X are impressive pieces of technology, they are falling behind the competition.

Microsoft also expects losses in the hardware division, mainly due to its negligence in the segment. The gaming giant’s latest ad further emphasizes this point, stating that you don’t need an Xbox.

Why it matters: Many still look back fondly on iconic consoles like the Xbox 360, which raised industry standards. However, Microsoft has completely shifted away from this approach today.

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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick now allows access to cloud streaming for Xbox games. This method still needs an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription but removes the barrier of purchasing a separate console.

While the ad promotes Microsoft’s play anywhere push, one statement caught everyone’s attention.

You don’t need an Xbox to play Xbox.

-Microsoft advertisement

This statement fits the context, but it also points to Microsoft’s overarching plan for the gaming division.

The company has moved beyond trying to compete with Sony and Nintendo to become the dominant console platform. This is why Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, and more have appeared on rival consoles.

Phil Spencer confirms that more games will also go multiplatform in the future. Xbox has essentially turned into an ecosystem. While it began as a console, steps like day-one releases on PC, Game Pass streaming, and more have pushed it toward an open ecosystem.

This advertisement only confirms these suspicions.

xbox series s image
The Xbox Series S Aimed To Be Microsoft’s Biggest Console This Generation

Fortunately, Microsoft is still working on at least one more generation of consoles. The next console is expected to expand Xbox further, with Phil Spencer teasing a handheld.

The future seems quite interesting. While PlayStation and Nintendo are interested in everything Microsoft is doing, neither has fully committed to the strategy. Therefore, Xbox seems to be leading the charge, but it remains to be seen if this approach will pay off in the long run.

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