Phil Spencer Basically Just Confirmed The Xbox Handheld

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Phil Spencer Wants A Dedicated Xbox Handheld!

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  • Phil Spencer has hinted at an Xbox handheld multiple times.
  • He states that Xbox wants a handheld to play games locally and have an Xbox dashboard.
  • Microsoft is now prepared to release a handheld.

Xbox just wrapped up an incredible showcase several hours ago. Soon after the event concluded, Phil Spencer conducted an interview, sharing his thoughts on various Microsoft decisions.

He also talked about the future. When the question about an Xbox handheld was brought up, Phil Spencer was direct and confident. He basically confirmed that a handheld would be coming soon.

Why it matters: The Nintendo Switch has sold millions of units. Meanwhile, Valve’s Steam Deck has also been a huge success, with the handheld market currently in full swing.

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Phil Spencer has already teased a handheld before. Recent rumors also stated that Microsoft would announce the console at its showcase. While this did not happen, we got an unofficial confirmation from Phil Spencer himself.

Speaking to IGN, Phil Spencer said he values handheld gaming quite a lot.

I think we should have a handheld, too.

-Phil Spencer

Elaborating further on his ideal handheld, Phil Spencer said it should be a dedicated gaming platform. He does not want a streaming machine like the PlayStation Portal.

Phil Spencer believes playing games locally is still very important. Therefore, the Xbox handheld is expected to be more akin to the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch. He also confirmed that it would not be a third-party OEM handheld.

As such, the handheld would be made by Xbox and run software created by the team. Fans should expect a console-like experience, with the dashboard and seamless content availability across all platforms.

Xbox Steam
Steam Integration Is Rumored For Future Xbox Hardware

Since Microsoft can subsidize its hardware more than other competitors, the Xbox handheld could end up being more powerful than the competition. This would give it a notable edge, and when combined with Game Pass, Microsoft could have a winning formula on its hands.

Still, the Xbox handheld is likely to be in the early phases right now. Microsoft’s teams are said to be preparing for the next generation in 2026. Therefore, once 2026 rolls around, fans could see a new handheld and the next dedicated home console.

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