AMD Ryzen 5 9600X Up To 20% Faster Over Predecessor In Single-Core Results

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Major Step Up Over Previous CPUs!

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  • AMD is preparing to launch the Ryzen 9000 series based on the Zen 5 architecture.
  • Initial benchmarks for the Ryzen 7 9700X and Ryzen 5 9600X show significant performance gains over their predecessors in single-core and multi-threaded tests.
  • While AMD excels in single-core performance, Intel maintains an edge in multi-threaded tasks.

The Geekbench database has updated benchmark results for AMD’s forthcoming Ryzen 9000 series. Although Geekbench isn’t the best benchmark for assessing performance, reviewers still frequently use it to evaluate single and multi-core scores.

AMD is preparing to release the first four desktop chips based on its new Zen 5 architecture. The list includes the Ryzen 9 9950X, Ryzen 9 9900X, Ryzen 7 9700X and Ryzen 5 9600X.

However, two were recently spotted on Geekbench, giving us a glimpse of what AMD has to offer.

Why it matters: This result shows fans what to expect once the Ryzen 9000 series arrives since most are interested in the lower-end chips.

Both the Ryzen 7 9700X and Ryzen 5 9600X were tested on the Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Hero motherboard, coupled with 32GB of memory rated at 6000MHz. In terms of performance, the Ryzen 7 9700X scored 3312 and 16431 points in single and multi-threaded tests, respectively.

Furthermore, the Ryzen 7 9700X boosted to 5.57GHz, making it 13.7% faster in single-core and 7.6% faster in multi-threaded performance compared to its predecessor, the Ryzen 7 7700X.

The Ryzen 5 9600X, on the other hand, outperformed the Ryzen 5 7600X by 20.9% in single-core and 13.8% in multi-threaded performance. The Geekbench report also indicates that the Ryzen 5 9600X was able to hit a max boost frequency of 5.47 GHz.

The initial Geekbench scores for AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 lineup are impressive, making them the fastest options for single-core performance. However, Intel still leads when it comes to multi-threaded performance by utilizing a hybrid architecture or high and low-powered cores.

That said, users who want the best of both worlds should wait for the 16-core Ryzen 9 9950X. Currently, there are no results for this productivity-centered AMD option. However, testing shows that it boosts to nearly 6GHz.

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