PlayStation Is Gifting Free PS Plus Premium Codes To Users

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Great Chance To Try PS Plus Premium!

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  • Some users have revealed that Sony is giving away a free 14-day PS Plus Premium trial.
  • This tier of the service unlocks multiplayer access, the PS Plus games catalog, and streaming for PS3 games.
  • While PlayStation is offering free access, users are required to use their credit card to redeem the free service.

PS Plus has recently faced a lot of backlash. Amid price hikes, the degrading quality of monthly games, and more, fans have not been too happy with the service. Fortunately, Sony’s latest move has turned out to be more positive.

Fans without a subscription are being gifted a free PS Plus Premium code from Sony.

Why it matters: PS Plus offers many games from the PS4 and PS5 collection, so a free trial could be a great way for consumers to try them out.

Free PS Plus
Sony Used To Be Much More Generous With Such Trials In The Past

BusNo1748 on Reddit has revealed that they received a 14-day free PS Plus Premium code. The user’s PS Plus subscription expired two days ago, so it seems like Sony has given them a free 14-day subscription so they can enjoy it for longer.

Many other users have also received the code after their subscriptions expired. It seems this code is limited to users who recently ran out of their subscriptions or cancelled them for one reason or another.

Still, PlayStation requires a credit card to activate the code. Once PS Plus Premium is redeemed, auto-renewal is also turned on. The Reddit post shows that the next payment is due by July 21st.

Therefore, if the user doesn’t remove their card details or turn off auto-renewal, they will be charged $18.

Sony PlayStation
PlayStation is Returning To The Tokyo Game Show After 5 Years

Therefore, for those who want to redeem the trial but don’t want to pay for the service in the future, we recommend turning off auto-renewal or removing credit card details after redeeming the code.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s quite easy to forget about these things. The next thing you know, you have a monthly PS Plus payment on your credit card. Therefore, it’s best to practice caution in advance.

Nonetheless, PS Plus premium offers plenty of content, so this trial should be worth it for those looking to try out some high-quality games and even streaming.

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