Xbox Series X Currently Being Sold For $350 on Amazon

Grab It While You Can!

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  • The Xbox Series X was launched for $500 but is currently discounted.
  • Over on Amazon, the console has received a $150 price reduction, bringing it close to the retail price of the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X officially retails for $500. Being the world’s most powerful console, it offers an incredible gameplay experience with various first-party games and services like Game Pass.

During the last week, this console was discounted at numerous retailers. Additionally, games like Diablo 4 were bundled with the console, making it an even better deal. However, Amazon might be offering this console at its best price yet.

The Xbox Series X is currently just $350 on Amazon.

Why it matters: This discount puts the price nearly on par with the retail cost of the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X

The console is still available for this price on Amazon. While there seems to be plenty of stock for now, there is no telling how long these units will last. For $350, this may be one of the best gaming deals on Amazon.

Microsoft recently celebrated the third anniversary of this console, so it has multiple years of life left. Saving $150, users can spend the rest of their money on Game Pass or first-party games like Starfield, which has already won over 11 million players.

Recently, the PS5 saw a similar discount, with Target offering the console for just $350. While the prices are identical, this is arguably a better deal since Microsoft’s console is superior in terms of hardware.

A similar discount can also be found on the Xbox Series X at Walmart.

Xbox Series X

We recommend anybody on the fence about console gaming consider this deal. The Xbox Series X was already quite appealing at $500, and this price point makes it even better.

While the console had plenty of games to offer in 2023, its 2024 lineup is equally promising.

Following the discounts, the Xbox Series X appears to have climbed high among Amazon’s best-sellers. While Microsoft’s budget console used to be our favorite from the Xbox Series S|X lineup, this promotion makes it hard not to recommend buying the world’s most powerful console.

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