Xbox Series S|X Have Exceeded Original Xbox Sales In Japan

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Might Become Most Successful Xbox In Japan!

While Sony and Nintendo have always been the favorites in Japan, Microsoft is making strides to ensure the Xbox Series S|X grow in the region. The consoles are still far from influential in Japan, but recent efforts have helped Xbox improve its position.

According to recent data, the Xbox Series S|X have surpassed the sales of the original Xbox in Japan.

Why it matters: Following the Xbox 360, Microsoft saw declining interest in the Japanese gaming market. However, the gaming giant hopes to make the recent generation popular all over the world, including Sony and Nintendo’s home market.

The original Xbox console was released over two decades ago and sold over 472K units in Japan.

While the console was considered a great first offering from Microsoft, it had to compete with the incredibly popular PS2. This made it difficult for Xbox to break into the Japanese market, leading to less than 1 million lifetime sales.

Nonetheless, the Xbox Series S|X have already sold over 473K units in less than three years. While this is an improvement, Xbox is still far from a threat to Nintendo and Sony in Japan.

The PS5 had already sold over 2 million units in the region by October last year, and the recent boost to supply has led to a massive surge in sales.

The Xbox Series S|X consoles have sold over 21 million units worldwide. Phil Spencer also confirmed half of the sales in the Asian market come from first-time Xbox owners, hinting at newfound success for Xbox.

Additionally, the gaming giant has confirmed a greater focus on Japanese games. This could make the latest consoles the best-selling Xbox products in Japan to date.

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