We are in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022, and companies are releasing their quarterly financial reports, which provide a good insight into a company’s product sales that are making a mark in the market.

Recently Capcom released their quarterly financial information, which revealed that Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak had sold over 4.4 million copies worldwide, and the series collectively has managed to sell over 88 million copies worldwide.

Similarly, a quarterly financial report from Sony is expected on 1st November 2022. But, Apparently, we already have a snippet of the financial report regarding PlayStation 5 sales in Japan thanks to Twitter user @GameDataLibrary, who tweeted a sheet representing sales of gaming consoles in Japan.

Interestingly, PlayStation 5 has sold over 2 million or more specifically 2,027,810 consoles in Japan, less than PlayStation 4 sales in 24 months in Japan. PlayStation 4 sales in Japan after 24 months of its release were slightly more than 2 million. PlayStation 4 completed the 2 million mark in 20 months only. The decrease in sales of PlayStation 5 was expected due to the supply chain issues in the pandemic with most consumer electronics. Although the PlayStation 5 looked very strong in Japan upon release, it quickly completed 1 million sales in less than a year or ten months.

On the other hand, PlayStation 4 took a year to complete the 1 million mark. This recent data shows that PlayStation 5 is still on an upward trajectory even 24 months after its release. It is making numbers in Japanese markets but falls slightly behind its predecessor. PlayStation has always been dominant in the Japanese region compared to its direct competitor Xbox.

Still, Xbox has been proving itself a healthy competition lately, especially in Japanese markets, by providing perks like 5000 Yen gift cards on Xbox Series S purchases in Japan and involving more local Japanese studios in their upcoming projects. And results were evident as reported previously; first-time Xbox owners account for ‘Half of Console Sales In Asia.’

However, more precise data about Sony products and sales are expected to be revealed on 1st November as Sony will release its quarterly financial report. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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