Microsoft is currently trying to grow in the gaming industry. The company has made several acquisitions while introducing Xbox Game Pass to offer incredible value to the gaming community. 

These measures have resulted in a much better position for the Xbox brand than the last generation. Recently, PlayStation 5 has also seen a price hike in several regions. However, Microsoft remains adamant that a price hike is not planned for Xbox consoles

Microsoft has also started to do well in regions dominated by rival console brands. Xbox has seen much better sales in Japan, and Microsoft is now using this advantage to make an even more compelling offer. 

According to Xbox Japan, users can get a free 5000 Yen gift card with a brand new Xbox Series S. This offer is available starting today and lasts until September 30, 2022.

Xbox Series S Gift Card
Source: Xbox Japan

Microsoft has steadily grown in the Asian market. Much of this growth can be attributed to the Xbox Series S console. The Xbox Series S provides a much cheaper entry into the next generation while utilizing Game Pass for an undeniable value proposition. Phil Spencer has also noted that first-time owners have accounted for nearly half of console sales in Asia

Interestingly, Microsoft offers nearly the same amount added to the PlayStation 5’s price. The PlayStation 5 costs an additional 5500 Yen after the recent price hike in Japan. Despite the implications, it remains unclear if this is merely a coincidence or a jab at Sony’s recent price increase. 

This offer could be highly tempting to consumers looking to switch to the next generation. Xbox Game Pass is already looking incredible, and more Japanese titles are soon headed to the service. 

Microsoft has also provided a list of the dealers. Additionally, Microsoft has clarified that the promotion is only limited to Xbox Series S consoles. As such, consumers should not expect to be able to utilize this discount for the Xbox Series X. 

Xbox Series X / S

The Japanese market has been incredibly welcoming to Xbox, this generation. Microsoft’s current growth in Japan has far exceeded anything the brand has achieved with its previous consoles

While PlayStation and Nintendo continue to be the market leaders in the region, Xbox is looking to close the gap between the rival console manufacturers slowly. 

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