The Xbox brand has been growing steadily over the past few years. Innovations such as the Xbox Game Pass subscription and day one exclusive releases have helped the company gain market share. 

Microsoft’s new consoles are already more successful than the Xbox One. The last generation was an uphill battle for the console, but Xbox has hit the ground running with the new hardware. 

Microsoft has also managed to break into new territory with the Xbox Series consoles. Japan and other parts of Asia have traditionally been indifferent to Xbox, but the current generation has marked a sudden shift in this trend.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox has continued to grow in Asia. He said,

“This generation we’re welcoming more new console players to Xbox than ever before in Asia, where more than half of sales have gone to first-time Xbox owners. 

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Phil’s statement is also reflected in Microsoft’s sales numbers. Xbox Series X|S has been selling at an astounding rate compared to the previous console. This is even more noticeable in Asian regions.

Asia has traditionally been home to PlayStation consoles. Japan and other regions have been tied to the PlayStation ecosystem for decades, which translates to many Japanese games. However, Xbox Series consoles have grown Microsoft’s market in the region.

Phil Spencer has also noted that Xbox Series S has played a massive role in this sudden change. With the Xbox Series S, Microsoft has provided users with a very cheap entry point into the next generation. 

This is in addition to Microsoft’s extremely valuable subscription service. Xbox Game Pass continues to provide high-quality day one releases, and Xbox Game Pass is looking better than ever with recent additions like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Furthermore, PlayStation 5 has also seen a price increase recently. This has widened the price gap between the cheapest options provided by the two competitors. Many Japanese fans have also expressed frustration over the recent PS5 price increase

This has led to many Asian fans switching to Xbox for the first time in history. Microsoft has also handled the supply shortages much better than Sony. Some consumers may have changed to Xbox consoles because of the difficulties of obtaining a PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series X / S

Xbox has just concluded its showcase for Tokyo Games Show 2022. The presentation included multiple Xbox announcements for Japanese games previously console exclusives to PlayStation. Games like Guilty Gear Strive will soon be headed to Xbox consoles. 

Microsoft continues to focus on the Asian market, slowly establishing itself in the region. With a cheap next-generation console, an incredible subscription service, and more third-party Japanese game deals, Xbox finally managed to break into a region dominated by rival console manufacturers. 

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