Furious Xbox Fans Selling Their Consoles Amid Recent Rumors

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Many Are Also Canceling Game Pass Subscriptions!

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  • Xbox fans aren’t happy with the recent rumors.
  • Some fans are already selling their consoles before an official announcement.
  • Xbox influencers have also begun to limit their social media presence after recent discussions.

The start of this year hasn’t been great for Xbox fans. While rumors already suggested Xbox would go multiplatform, with titles like Hi-Fi Rush releasing on other platforms, the situation worsened when credible sources corroborated the reports.

It has been reported that following declining sales, Microsoft plans to go multiplatform and release titles like Starfield on other consoles. With such rumors spreading everywhere, Xbox fans have begun selling their consoles.

Why it matters: Xbox is a more community-focused gaming brand compared to PlayStation and Nintendo. Therefore, this information has been hard to swallow for its fanbase.

As the situation continues to unfold, Phil Spencer has confirmed that an official update from Xbox is coming next week. This will confirm or deny the current rumors, though the former seems to be more likely for the time being.

Reactions to this situation on social media have not been very positive. Fans have already started selling their consoles, with one user showing a receipt after buying a PS5 and selling the Xbox Series X.

In the comments, a Twitter user wrote:

“Gotta sell it before it’s not worth a pair of socks.”

A similar scenario was shared by PeterOvo, an avid Xbox fan on the platform. He posted an image of his follower buying a PlayStation after the recent rumors about Xbox possibly killing off its hardware division.

He also attempted to show this situation to major Xbox executives on the platform. Meanwhile, Karim Jovian notes that various fans are canceling Game Pass subscriptions for the same reason.

The current scenario stems from a lack of communication on Xbox’s end. Many are also concerned for their digital libraries, fearing that years of investments will go to waste if Microsoft stops supporting consoles and becomes a game publisher.

In addition to fans, various popular Xbox influencers like Klobrille have begun to distance themselves from social media activity.

Klobrille recently hinted at a potential retirement after dedicating several years to providing quality Xbox content like news coverage, art banners, and more. This supposed change in strategy has made him reconsider the decision to support Xbox.

We hope that Xbox’s announcement next week will bring the community back and clarify its stance on exclusivity. The gaming giant’s exit from console gaming would do more harm than good, posing the threat of a PlayStation monopoly.

Not only are titles like Hellblade 2 and Indiana Jones rumored to be coming on other consoles but juggernaut franchises like Halo and Gears of War are also being discussed as part of this strategy.

Therefore, Microsoft’s gaming brand is going through a troubled week. However, with a proper response from Phil Spencer that addresses the community’s grievances, Xbox has the potential to fight back and return to its former glory in the coming months.

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