New Capcom Survey Hints At Dino Crisis Revival

Onimusha And Breath of Fire Also Hinted At!

Story Highlights
  • Capcom has released some of the best remakes over the years.
  • Following this successful strategy, Capcom may be planning to revisit franchises other than Resident Evil.
  • A recent survey points to IPs like Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, Onimusha, and more.

Capcom has become well known for keeping its biggest IPs relevant throughout the years. Resident Evil has become a template for many other studios looking to bring back older franchises, but it appears Capcom’s less popular franchises are set to make a comeback.

The likes of Dino Crisis and Onimusha have been left without attention for many years. However, a recent Capcom survey hints at their revival.

Why it matters: There has been no shortage of demand for a Dino Crisis revival. Many believe this series deserves another shot despite the current popularity of Resident Evil in the horror genre.

Dino Crisis PlayStation Plus

Capcom has released a new survey recently, asking fans multiple questions about what they want to see in future games. One of the questions stated:

“are there any Capcom game series (including spinoff games) that you would like to see get a sequel or new game?”

Some options mentioned include Dino Crisis, Onimusha, Okami, Dead Rising, Darkstalkers, Breath of Fire, and more. Similarly, another question asks if fans want to play a fully remade game with modern technology. It stated:

“Is there a game that you would like to see completely remade with the latest technology?”

The survey states that such remakes would include new character designs and story direction. The options given included the first three entries in IPs like Onimusha, Ace Attorney, Mega Man, and more.

Capcom has conducted many surveys in the past and has also implemented feedback depending on the demand. Last year, a similar survey pointed to more Resident Evil remakes.

Following the survey, the publisher recently confirmed plans to work on more remakes for the IP.


Among the IPs mentioned, Dead Rising, Onimusha, and Dino Crisis are perhaps the most likely to receive a remake or sequel because of their current legacy and appeal.

Whether this survey will come to fruition remains to be seen. However, this is a promising sign for fans waiting to see the publisher bringing these franchises back. For now, Capcom’s next major release, Dragon’s Dogma 2, is coming next month.

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